@necrosis Don't underestimate Jobs. He invented more than just over expensive laptops. Don't forget over expensive desktops and over expensive phones. As well as over expensive developers licenses, to write software for their OS, a.k.a you pay them to make their OSes more useful.

@necrosis users will always remember the manufacturer of shiny alloy wheels rather than the inventor of the wheel.

that’s when marketing invades science.


Let me remember the **the other Steve** :

Steve "the Woz" Wozniak ( 1950 - living )

He is the **real hacker** who concretely build and designed the first two Apple computers ( the I and the mighty Apple II ) , work on the initial development of first Apple Macintosh, and more.

Personally I hail both to Richie and to the Woz.

Both are great and both shall not to be forgotten, ever.


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