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psych - 

Still no lithium for me…
This brain sucks. I demand replacement.

I should write or at least develop stories.
But I lack ideas...

Don't panic and grab your towel on your way out!

To whom it meow concern:
I just released a new Page of "Alitheia Road". Look here:

Massive UI overhaul is coming, though.

Just finished the page for next tuesday.

@leah We can has blobcat emojis, please? I am asking because of … reasons…

Haven't done any writing in some time.
Since I can't sleep I might as well give that a try. 😺

I need an emergency deployment of tactical kittens right meow.

hey people. I am trying to rebuild my game engine affection to switch to the functional reactive programming paradigm. Should I roll my own FRP implementation or use an external library and if so, which one? Thanks in advance.

To whomever being the inventor of multiMC: you saved my night.

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