Fellow hackers, writers, artists and general crazy persons, I need your help.
I am in search for a usable offline wiki using markdown syntax for organizing my thoughts and free my headspace of more complex projects. It should be as flexible as possible, since I will not only be using it for software projects but also for outlining stories or general worldbuilding.
I would be glad and thankful for any hints.
Boosts are very welcome!

If you're a vim person, vimwiki is a nice tool (it also supports md, but reduces to md features)

If you like a (web-)gui, gitit is great. Since it's pandoc-based it supports virtually every markup language.

@nvi @nek0 haha, yeah just wanted to recommend vimwiki, too. Using it like every day, very nice!

@zaph0d @nek0
It's great. Only the missing support for asciidoc syntax (once you've used asciidoc you don't want to go back) is bugging me sometimes

@nvi Thanks about the hint for vimwiki. it almost fits my purpose, I just haven't found out how to create a wiki outside of the default wiki location.
I know about gitit and like the concept (and the fact, that it's written in Haskell), but I want to keep these project wikis offline.

For vimwiki, it's discribed somwhere in the docs(:help vimwiki).

I've used gitit on my local machine a lot in the past. Since it's a simple stack-project and brings its own webserver it's easily setup and started as a systemd user-service

@nvi Ah yes. found it. The term I was looking for is called "Temporary wiki".

Took me ages to figure that one out when I started using it

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