I'm happy to post this picture today which started as an experiment. It took me quite some time to draw this and I'm quite happy how it turned out.
I will try to post my more regularly from now on and as always, you can see more at my portfolio at art.nek0.eu

I thought it would be time for another sneak preview of my upcoming . To see more of my , go to art.nek0.eu.

Have another preview of my current project. I'm almost halfway done!

My first ever big 3D print is huge! Look at this beautiful wearable cat skull mask:

This is another piece I just finished.
This Idea has also been kicking around for quite a while and I wanted to draw this digitally in the first place, but with my graphics tablet obviously sunken into oblivion I don't know when I will be able to do that...
I miss my tablet... 😿

Since my graphics tablet broke, have some traditional . This image has been floating around in my head for the past few days.

I realize I did not post for quite some time. I'm in the middle of a project you now get to sneak a peek.

Another character study as traditional . I really getting a hang of the new way to construct heads and faces. I am sorry, but I am very kitty.

New traditional ! A head study for the main character of my webcomic alitheia road.

I actually sat down and made some traditione : Haven't touched this stuff in a long time and I'm quite glad how it turned out.

New spawned on my artsy website! I hope you enjoy it and the other pieces posted on art.nek0.eu/.

I'm was having a very hard time in self-isolation, but I actually managed to draw again yesterday evening. Look here!

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