adventures? Haskell adventures!
Finally I was able to fix the collision detection in my project. Read more at

I just worked on a project I haven't touched in quite a while:
The 'mateamt', a kind of Point of sale system with product stock management for our hackerspace.
Here's the repo, if you are curious:

My adventure continues. Now it's possible to move the character around. Also I reworked the physics. again. 😸

There is a continuation of my endeavours in . I now have implemented some rudimentary physics. 😺

My adventures finally continue!
Here's a writeup if my current progress in my endeavours:

Interesting. I am here over a year, but never really had my . So here goes:
Hi! I am nek0, or Rys Ostrovid if you like. I'm a mostly self-taught . But I do also other stuff apart from programming, like music, writing, photography and other art. You may see more on my blog .
See ya! 😸

hey people. I am trying to rebuild my game engine affection to switch to the functional reactive programming paradigm. Should I roll my own FRP implementation or use an external library and if so, which one? Thanks in advance. – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community