@josch @sofia Für "normalen" chat haben wir das Mattermost eingerichtet, zu welchem du dich unter chat.live.datenspuren.de/signu anmelden kannst.

@regines @kielux Und wem das Prgramm noch nicht reicht, der kann gerne ab morgen remote bei den vorbeischauen. Mehr Infos zum Programm unter datenspuren.de

I'm happy to post this picture today which started as an experiment. It took me quite some time to draw this and I'm quite happy how it turned out.
I will try to post my more regularly from now on and as always, you can see more at my portfolio at art.nek0.eu

I thought it would be time for another sneak preview of my upcoming . To see more of my , go to art.nek0.eu.

@quarky @Breakfast As far as I remember: 1Pa = 1 N/m²; 1 m² = 100 dm² = 10⁴ cm² = 10⁶ mm². Thus 1 N/mm² should be 1 MPa.

@quarky @Breakfast But the units cancel out to MPa. I don't know where the issue is.
Maybe I've done too much engineering in my life...


Woke up due to horrible nightmares again, now I feel horrible. I would like to talk to a friend, but I don't want to be a burden.
I'm a broken piece of garbage....

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