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hmm. Today I feel particularly kitty. 😸
But why?

Have another preview of my current project. I'm almost halfway done!

@regines It fits almost everyone else. I just have a very big head.

My first ever big 3D print is huge! Look at this beautiful wearable cat skull mask:

And it arrived safe and sound! More drawings will be done.

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WOHOO! My new drawing tablet is on its way! 😸

This is another piece I just finished.
This Idea has also been kicking around for quite a while and I wanted to draw this digitally in the first place, but with my graphics tablet obviously sunken into oblivion I don't know when I will be able to do that...
I miss my tablet... 😿

@natalie The czech ministry of internal affairs has an amateur radio station? Fascinating...

Since my graphics tablet broke, have some traditional . This image has been floating around in my head for the past few days.

I just learned:
There are people streaming Dwarf Fortress.
Not that I am am opposed to the game itself, I find it quite enjoyable and "fun" myself, but I'm wondering, whether there's a significant amount of audience watching those streams.

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