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Only very few things are more satisfying than getting the NPCs in your game to interact with their surroundings.

It's not a proper diy hardware project, if you don't make stupid mistakes and fry your components in the process...

OK. I actually did it. I actually wrote something in my blog: Another devlog about my game.

I should write something in my blog. But I don't know what.
Help! Skan-da-lös! Diese fiesen Linksexstremisten! Rücken die einfach so die AfD "in den Bereich des politisch rechten Parteienspektrums"! Was bilden die sich ein?! Der Verfassungsschutz Sachsen-Anhalt ist entrüstet und schockiert!

I'm looking for game Ideas revolving around the idea to protect one's own data (data protection). Is there anyone who can lend me a hand/brain?

unhealthy head-stuff 

I finished the rewrite of my game "Haskelloids". I'm way ahead of schedule. I planned to to finish at congress. What will I do now on Congress? Attend lectures 😋 ?

YAY! The event system I implemented for my game engine works! 😸

If guaranteed minimum income and universal healthcare were a thing, I think so many of my programmer colleagues would immediately take low-income sabbaticals to write high-quality good-ui users-first free and open source software that it would inspire tedious "how was it possible?!?" medium dot com thinkpieces for years and years

"Perfect Object-Oriented Programming" = POOP

haven't touched my piano for so long. Feels good playing again. 🎶 🎹 🎶

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