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Dang! starts today. With all that apprenticeship restarting stuff going on I don't know if I have the capacity to participate...

My first day in my apprenticeship (the restart) has been successfull so far. I'm quite content.

woke up - done
clothes - done
tea - done
packed - done

I still have time left....

14 hours until relaunch. ⏳
I'm getting giddy. 😸

Whatever the new meds I got are doing, it must really great. More and more people whom I haven't met in quite some time tell me I seem to be very much better.
To be honest, I also am feeling very much better. So is this an overall yay for new medication?

alle Talks von den diesjährigen sind auf hochgeladen. Viel Freude beim streamen.

I need a cap...
with cat ears...
because of reasons.

mental health 

Interesting. I am here over a year, but never really had my . So here goes:
Hi! I am nek0, or Rys Ostrovid if you like. I'm a mostly self-taught . But I do also other stuff apart from programming, like music, writing, photography and other art. You may see more on my blog .
See ya! 😸

Today is the day...
Today there will be the decision, whether I can continue my apprenticeship and when.
I'm really nervous.

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