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I'm going to today. I'm so stoked and giddy. 😸

Es ist Mitte Dezember. Die Temperaturen bewegen sich hier irgendwo zwischen 2 und 8 °C. Hat jemand zufällig den Winter gesehen?

Finally. I found the time and a crumb of motivation to write a new post in my blog.

and don't forget to hydrate.
(yourself, not the computer)

when you are cold, here's what to do:
grab your laptop or other computing machinery and start compiling your most complex haskell project.
The room will get warmer almost instantly. 😋

negative thought 

Making DIY electronics as a beginner sure is challenging, but it rocks!

Einkaufsliste zur Abreise aus CZ:
- Pikao
- Kofola

I just overhauled the CSS of my blog without actually changing the visual outcome. Conclusion: A grid system feels much nicer than stacked flexboxes.

Today's inktober submission: Someone exploring an eerie forest

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