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I could use a hug...
A real one...

I'm was having a very hard time in self-isolation, but I actually managed to draw again yesterday evening. Look here!

Liebe Mitwesen,
Im Rahmen meiner Ausbildung bin ich gerade dabei meinen Teil zu einer Belegarbeit hinzuzusteuern, in dem es um das Selbstbild der Hacker geht. Leider fehlen mir hierfür Quellen für das Selbstbild von Crackern oder Black-Hat-Hackern. Hättet ihr einen Fingerzeig für mich? Boosts sind sehr willkommen!
vielen Dank!

Since I am not planning on socializing much in the future I have a lot of time on my hands I want to spend on my projects, which have been lying around for far too long. These consist mostly of open software and artwork.
My problem is: How do I overcome my crippling fear of failure, which usually stops me from advancing and takes away most of the pleasure?
Boosts very welcome!

Time to stay at home all day and sink slowly into madness...


mh - 

I don't belong anywhere. Even in the groups I feel most comfortable in I'm the crazy weirdo.
I yearn so much for closeness, but I guess I already am too damaged inside to reciprocate anything.

Don't be fooled: There is no pure function. Those functions who claim otherwise have side effects on your sanity.

and now for something completely different: insomnia.

and now for something completely different: sleep.

Is anyone in here familiar with OpenGL? are there any good resources on how to do batched rendering? Or is there any better approach for rendering a lot of sprites efficiently?


Es ist so schön, wenn sich Leute an Abmachungen und Termine halten.

Hi folks,
Has anybody of you good resources on wave function collapse (as seen in and how well it can be parametrized? I am thinking of implementing it in Haskell to procedurally generate Maps for my game project "tracer" (
Thanks a lot for hints and/or boosting.

Fellow hackers, writers, artists and general crazy persons, I need your help.
I am in search for a usable offline wiki using markdown syntax for organizing my thoughts and free my headspace of more complex projects. It should be as flexible as possible, since I will not only be using it for software projects but also for outlining stories or general worldbuilding.
I would be glad and thankful for any hints.
Boosts are very welcome!

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