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Let's start this with the prompt "fish". Meet Fish, the main character of my not yet released little about to eat this enormous fish.

Good thing is finally here.
I tried to reach for Ctrl+Z to correct an error in my pencil lines I just made...
forehead, meet table.

It's time again for a small sneak peek at the I am still drawing. For more of my you can go to and have a look at my other stuff. Enjoy! 😸

Was ist eigentlich dieses Bildungs-Wesen von dem alle sprechen und wo versteckt es sich?

I'm happy to post this picture today which started as an experiment. It took me quite some time to draw this and I'm quite happy how it turned out.
I will try to post my more regularly from now on and as always, you can see more at my portfolio at

I thought it would be time for another sneak preview of my upcoming . To see more of my , go to


Woke up due to horrible nightmares again, now I feel horrible. I would like to talk to a friend, but I don't want to be a burden.
I'm a broken piece of garbage....

hmm. Today I feel particularly kitty. 😸
But why?

Have another preview of my current project. I'm almost halfway done!

My first ever big 3D print is huge! Look at this beautiful wearable cat skull mask:

And it arrived safe and sound! More drawings will be done.

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WOHOO! My new drawing tablet is on its way! 😸

This is another piece I just finished.
This Idea has also been kicking around for quite a while and I wanted to draw this digitally in the first place, but with my graphics tablet obviously sunken into oblivion I don't know when I will be able to do that...
I miss my tablet... 😿

Since my graphics tablet broke, have some traditional . This image has been floating around in my head for the past few days.

I just learned:
There are people streaming Dwarf Fortress.
Not that I am am opposed to the game itself, I find it quite enjoyable and "fun" myself, but I'm wondering, whether there's a significant amount of audience watching those streams.

I realize I did not post for quite some time. I'm in the middle of a project you now get to sneak a peek.

Die Datenspuren finden auch dieses Jahr statt.
Unter dem Motto "Mehr Utopie wagen" wird es vom 18. bis 20. September 2020 Vorträge, Workshops und auch Kunstinstallationen geben, welche ihr auch von Zuhause via Telepräsenzroboter oder Live-Streams mitverfolgen könnt.
Mehr Infos auf
🛰️ 🌍

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