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I am currently looking through my archive of photographs I have taken.
It's years of digitized and sadly not all of what I've ever taken.
I am using the software "Darktable" and I quite like it. Here's a lucky catch I made long ago:

There is a continuation of my endeavours in . I now have implemented some rudimentary physics. 😺

WTF‽‽‽ Die Bundeswehr rekrutiert neuerdings in Dönerbuden?
Ich habe den Döner jetzt zwar gegessen, aber es war sicherlich der letzte aus dieser Lokalität.

I've had a hard time lately, so bear with me, if this drawing is not very uplifting.

Now after finally setting up my scanner, here is a clean hi-res version of my .
You can find this and my other works on my portfolio at

And done! Here's the inked piece of from before. This is a good excuse to finally set up my scanner...

I haven't drawn anything for nearly three weeks, so I decided to pick up pencil and paper and try some traditional . Here's the outcome so far, which I very much like. 😸

There's so much truth in this one.
(I wish I could credit the artist...)

My adventures finally continue!
Here's a writeup if my current progress in my endeavours:

Once in a while I like to try something new, especially when it comes to . This is my first try at a digital painting, so there is no lineart as I usually have.

OH: Ein Netz hat Löcher, sonst wäre es kein Netz, sondern eine Decke. Das wissen sogar die Mobilfunkbetreiber.

Hi there! I managed to finish the drawing I have been posting about this week. I very much hope you enjoy this piece of as much as I enjoyed the process of making it.

In case you were wondering what is happening with my latest drawing: I now have the lineart for the background finished. Next up is colour.

Hi there! There are only few things better to do in the morning than revisiting the of the previous evening and fix some errors one just missed.
That being said, here's an update on the previous lineart.

I'm on a roll! Today I got a random pose from for practicing sketching, but I liked my sketch more with every pass, so I will make full blown artwork out if it. Attached you can see the four sketch passes I made for it.

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