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What do you want us to talk about in the next* episode? [FX]

*the one after the one that @nickfarr still has to do show notes for.

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So while @nickfarr figures out how to get people paid during this crisis, we're asking YOU to send us questions about FUN TOPICS for our upcoming mailbag episode!

Let us know if you'd like to guest star!

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As of right now, @nickfarr has 24 hours to write show notes and publish episode 30. If he hasn't done so until 12:13:pm UTC on Tuesday, @flowfx and all our listeners will be very, very disappointed. [FX]

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Episode 29: @nickfarr returns to his apartment in Mexico City, a perfect time to plot new episode ideas with @flowfx for the upcoming year.

Three episodes posted in one day after only three months of slacking!

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Episode 28: Where @flowfx podcasts from a Spanish speaking country while @nickfarr plans his return to one:

Send us your draft ideas for 2020!

Now @nickfarr just has one set of show notes to do.

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Even though we recorded Episode 27 on the same day as Episode 26...we're releasing it now, several months later.

Now @nickfarr only has TWO shows left to add show notes to to. TWO.

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The number of episodes that @nickfarr has to add show notes to is at 3. [FX]

Hey fam: The @ChaosPost really needs help with delivery! If you have a moment to spare, deliver some post and make awesome new friends!

@th Well, I went to follow you but it looks like they already got handled.

Also, I'm as much of an Amtrak conductor as I am a MTA NYCT A Division conductor...I've opened the doors a few times under supervision. ;)

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Hey, hey, hey, hey!

If you like to help with putting yellow pipe on the ceiling be at Messe Leipzig at 18.12. to 23.12.
(I don't know yet if this will also be angel hours.)

You may even help buildup for if you don't want to help with .

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Last episode, we podcasted from a train.

We skipped right past the plane, and now we're podcasting from an automobile...with screenshots embedded into your podcast player! [NF]

As a lot of you know, things in Chile aren't great right now. While my family is on the more privileged side, they're still family and they need support right now. I'm not going to be able to make it to this year as I had hoped.

But do let me know where you'll be so I can make sure the c3post gets you a nice card or sticker.

Get yourself one of those end-of-the-world-and-I-feel-great kind of loves.

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I still wake up thinking I'm at Burning Man.

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Thanks so much everyone for helping out my Mexican friends get to !

Unfortunately, I won't be able to be there because Burners Without Borders (who helped supply my earthquake rescue brigade) needs me at Burning Man this year.

But you can send me mail!

Nick Farr/Backbrace
Burners Without Borders
7:15 + Esplanade
PO Box 149
Black Rock City NV 89142-0149

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He Nick if you actually find more then 1 Ticket let me know. I am trying to get a good friend to as well. C U at Camp

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