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@nickfarr mutually assured compassion through intercontinental ballistic hugs

Embrace Asymmetric Peacefare.

So do any of you actually use Merkle Tree Money?

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WE'RE BACK! Recorded LIVE at the and featuring the amazing crew of @luricaun @Bobo_PK @sebastian @tatzelbrumm, our 18th episode covers topics on everything...except food and Mexico.

Will @sebastian make it home in time?
Will @tatzelbrumm ever stop trolling?
Will @luricaun ever get his handle properly pronounced?
Will @Bobo_PK ever release his set?
Will @flowfx ever get the shownotes @nickfarr promised?


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The publication of our next episode is severely hampered by the current state of "broadband" internet in Germany. [FX]

For some reason, YT now thinks I'm a defense policy analyst, because I'm watching a lot of ads that I can't skip about B-52 engine options and other ways I have to "give warfighters better, more flexible mission options".

I really preferred the ads offering custom narcocorridos.

Hey @Bobo_PK, what's the link to your set for the shownotes?

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I've just updates to mastodon version v2.4.1. You could find the release notes with new features like a delete & redraft function for toots here:

Just did the math. After taxes and expenses, I take home more cash living with my parents rent-free in GRR and working at Chipotle than making $80k in NYC.

Got my last rejection from a CPA firm, the one I was really hoping for.

Off to truck driver school.

The CIA backed the wrong horse in the Chilean coup, they actually were caught mostly unaware by Pinochet.

Pearl Harbor was not a surprise attack

The CIA invented Crack Cocaine.

If this CPA thing doesn't work out, I think I'll just become a long haul truck driver.

Because the world needs more truck drivers with an MBA.

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is there any squat/collective house scene in london where i could find a spare solidarity room or guest room for about a week, plz and thank u?

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Today is #IDAHOBIT, the International Day Against Homo-, Bi-, and Trans-Discrimination and violence.
I wrote an article (in German) about Bi/Pan-Hostility and Misogyny:

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Just had to salvage my own router, lol. For some reason, I had to renew the VPN certificate - now it's working again. My little buddy. Good boy.

Very important for the neighborhood btw, up to 25 people are using it. I'm even thinking about handing out some old 841Ns for free... for ad-hoc use... Would love to create a square km around Hermannplatz entirely covered by, this would be insane. If anyone living nearby is interested in this, please contact me! THX