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Look, those planes were flying really low...and other show notes we just completed from our latest episode you should check out now, including news on our hotel accommodations

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That voice that's telling you that you didn't do enough today is capitalism and it's lying.

So it looks like the Second US Civil War is going to be fought over abortion.

Just like the first US Civil War was about slavery.

From a technical perspective, if your association's membership skews more than one standard deviation away in any basic metric (gender, race, income level), then you have a STRUCTURALLY TECHNICAL problem.

Your subject matter does not make you immune to reinforcing inequality.

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I used twine to make this slide for class to explain how dialog tree romance games pretty much always work

Twitter really does not like it when you mass unfollow 5k people or so...also, its cache on who you follow really takes a while to update.

Fair Warning: I'm going full corporate on corporate media since building up my accounting and tax practice is how I'm going to help everyone back in Mexico.

On that note, free hardcover book from my collection to the person that points out my most "corporate offensive" tweet.

It's my Christmas miracle in September. I snagged a room from the 21st to the 30th at the Sachsen Park for !!!!

It's the hotel right across the street. Also, they were really nice to me last year.

Ok, who do I gotta talk to to drive dem trucks?

I just found out I won't have to take vacation days for the !!!!!

Which is good because I'd otherwise have to invent the process for petitioning for unpaid leave then apply for it.

I collected some $BCH for some books while at ...just cashed it out to send some MXN to a fellow brigade member in need...and yes, a very slight profit!

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Question to #mastodon instance admins, how many moderation request do you get per day/week and how many users do you have?

wondering how much work this takes out of admins.


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The @nickfarr and I met the other day to record an impromptu episode of @severalways2live:

We talked trucking, airplanes and trains.

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I would just like to take a moment to remind everyone that at some point in the 90s someone working on costuming for Hackers decided that a weird ass sweater with the JVC logo on it was something a cool kid would wear

(I figure that @sebastian might appreciate that my new "this is beyond the level of time investment I have to give with a farm and a job" threshold is compiling Ardour from source for Ubuntu.)

If you just know what the project is, I'm taking night trains from Frankfurt to Serbia and I figure it's worth documenting the experience.

So...I guess ability to blur out faces is also critical.

So what are the cool kids using to edit YT videos on Linux? I'm taking them straight from my Pixel XL syncing sound from my Zoom H5, fwiw.

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I added mastodon support to the c3voc releasing system so you can find our releases now on @c3voc_releases . And magically mastodon embeds our videos right in the toot view <3 e.g.

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