Why am I dreading going to ? What is this feeling trying to tell me?

So, I didn't start out my day thinking I'd be building a tax practice for sex workers, but hey...gotta take the wins when I can.

Thanks dummies?

So, if someone says, "The Asians won! The Asians won! Look at Harvard and Stanford" I can just walk the fuck out, right?

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Have a look at our beautiful logo for - thank you @veithyaeger@twitter.com 😍

Adventures in living with your minority immigrant Midwestern Trump voting parents #37:

Me: *Posts on Facebook publicly about a bit part in a movie I was in that won an award in Austria*

Dad: (Several minutes later) "When do we get to see the movie?"

Me: "You would not make it through the first 15 minutes. It's very anti-capitalist"

Dad: "Oh, come on now, don't sell me so short!"

Me: "Dad, you lost your temper when I defended Keynesian economics at breakfast on Tuesday"

Dad: *walks off*

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Be excellent to each other!*

* Terms and Conditions May Apply

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So sorry for not livetooting anymore, but Dad gave me the "put away your phone" look.

(Right before looking up something on his iPhone and right after playing a YouTube video nobody cares about.)

Someone just brought up their trip to Vietnam.

This is pretty much the cue for my Dad's 15 minutes on his experience during the Vietnam war and about how he hitchhiked all over the country.

(He actually did this once and got in trouble for it.)

So they're talking about Chilean vineyards, and my Dad is going on about the private chefs, the great hotel, his massage, etc. the tours where you can see the harvest, etc.

Should I point out that the vineyard is owned by Pinochet's arms dealer and internationally wanted war criminal?

(I won't because Mom gets upset by this)

Oh! There's a liberal here! A liberal that just dressed me down for using Uber instead of Lyft.

I'm not going to tell him about the Lyft that tried to mug me in Mexico City.

So, sorry for the pause, I went on a quest to find birthday candles because apparently it's someone's birthday.

In the interim they found out that four of them have were born in November, one on election day.

"I don't know what they're talking about, I've been voting for 34 years and my polling place is always nice, friendly and there's never a line. I don't know what it is what poor people are complaining about"

So, I'm having dinner with two rich, white Midwestern couples because my parents said they wanted to meet me. Should I live toot this?

Preview: I talked about the nature center I volunteer at for about 3 minutes.

The next 15 were comparing the dining options at two area country clubs.

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Anyone here from the #c3noc, I would like to find out about the network connectivity in a certain place during the #35C3, because we #Tor people really would like to have 1 GBit/s network close to our table so we can actually run a #relay or better an #exit at our assembly.

We will be located in the about:freedom cluster area, but we will only arrive on December, 26th, so it would also be helpful if someone would like to take care of that the day(s) before in the CCL.

Please share this post to anyone who can help with this question!
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The master naturalist at the nature center being incorrectly mansplained at by an 8 year old Cub Scout about what Celcius is 💯 on brand Trumplandia.

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@nickfarr we are dependent of what nature gives us but we are also responsible for how much we fuck up nature. So your own actions might seem very small they can influence a lot of people around you and by this will cause a much bigger effect. So be nice to each other and do not try to exploit for your own profit.

I was raised to believe the world is a good place, and the people in it are mostly good with a few exceptions.

Most of my adult life has been showing me the world is an awful place run by horrible people.

In truth, in honest and seeking retrospect, I find the world is neither. It is simply intrinsically as indifferent as balls on a billiards table.

Which pocket we land in rests on physics, the skill of the players controlling us and the table we land on.

One time I made a mix CD, embedded a Walkman CD player in a music box I found at a thrift store and gave it to a crush.

I found it in the dumpster behind the sports bar I worked at, by accident, when I was taking out the trash.

I think that's the moment I became capable of committing war crimes when ordered to do so.

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