I find it easier to explain the peculiarities of working at a CPA & Wealth Management firm by using the analogy of a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.

I had a dream where I broke into a Chick-fil-A with my brigade at the Minneapolis airport on a Sunday and operated it as normal... And didn't get caught.

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Three weeks ago me: You know what, I am actually depressed enough to revisit writing peculiarly specific questions to people based on their OK Cupid profile.

Two weeks ago me: Why did my Chilean parents flee in the 70s to end up in a place where there are 30 year old virgins because Jesus?

Last week me: I am now dating someone in Chicago. I can do a 3 hour drive every weekend!

This week me: It's kind of weird how snowplow drivers leave the keys in the cab like that...

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One shirt out the door, next one up in the :

ph-neutral T-Shirt, Large, B&C Exact 190.

DM with your best offer or a reason I should just send it to you for free.

One quick note on the - If don't natively have USD or MXN, best thing is some kind of currency traded on bitso.com.

This is the fastest way to put currency in the hands of my brigade in Mexico, because that's where anything I raise beyond shipping will go from this.

Anything else will just end up getting eaten up by fees or be kind of convoluted (i.e. EUR to my c-base membership) but I'll do my best.

So here's first up in the , legit the first thing off the pile.

Telecomix T-Shirt. Large, Giildan Heavy Cotton.

DM with your best offer or a reason I should just send it to you for free.

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get a second 10m sail boat just for that stuff, sink it, and post a map with the location to thepiratebay.

Goal for 2019 is to fit everything I own that isn't good for AirBNB guest use in a 10m sailboat.

To that end, I have tons of hacker culture gear to get rid of.

How would you recommend getting rid of it?

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Anyone interested in my badge? It's a fun microcontroller to play with, but it's just collecting dust on my desk since a while now. All I'm asking for is shipping costs.

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@nickfarr there always were tourists and always will be. They pay equally and give the builders and teams resources to play with. The best thing is that these tourists have the chance to become participants with very low barriers. I think I am a good example of how things can work out. From tourist to buildup in 7 years. And there are nerds who do it even faster. I met people on day -11 that were on their 2nd congress ever and was stunned.

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@vilbi @nickfarr thats why the Spieleberatung aka Gameparlour tries to implement gaming routines to let new people interact with each other and the rest. I know a lot of non nerds, coming from a non techy environment and always advertise C3 so that they join it and become angels at the first or second event. Brought 2 females and a male so far and am currently convincing the the third female friend to join us.

I think people are taking my thread on the birdsite as a criticism of "tourists" at hacker events.

At this size, we need tourists. With all the forces we helped build against us, we need to convert more and more tourists than ever before.

Not sure how or if to address it though. I kind of just want to look for a boat to sail to camp.

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After observing @nickfarr and @Cheatha in the some room for a prolonged period of time, I can confirm that indeed appear to be two different persons. Or one person moving really fast from one chair to the other. Further experiments may include high speed cameras and/or tripwires.

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We use monitoring for asset tracking, and want to clean up the config *before* we unplug it.

Remove your stuff, but DO NOT UNPLUG OUR EQUIPMENT FOR US.

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Has anyone seen my Swedish/Danish/Norwegian/EU flag I have hung up at the nordics assemly to make it visible? They're missing and now there's only a graffiti 'no flags'. Please help!

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Join us at 6pm at Sendetisch for our semi-weekly recording of this podcast!

Hey @hushduckbill I have a postcard for you from the Chaos Post! How can I find you at

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