@plomlompom @sandzwerg I should probably move a lot more longdisaster.org stuff here once we get that going.

@plomlompom @sandzwerg They're here, but I think they won't identify as such here or use the Fediverse to talk about Burner-related themes. Maybe I need to come in and fix that.

As far as the Burning Man Project goes, they seem to be very Facebook ecosystem oriented because their core active base are heavy FB product users. Even their Twitter presence is minimal by comparison.

I'm not sure how to correct that, Burners tend to be very attached to their toolset.

@sandzwerg @plomlompom I do get notifications!

Who wants to go to Black Rock City?

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I wish you all the confidence of the extremely average white man.

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Nick is going back out to do his land stewardship work at Fly Ranch and is hopping trains to get out there again.

Should we do an episode:

@phooky There isn't a "Black Mastodon" like there is a Black Twitter.

POC are definitely here in the Fediverse but the communities are smaller, less outwardly performative (as you say), more in touch with particular thematic or organizational communities and less likely to have their voices amplified because people keep much smaller curated feeds here.

Also, the Fediverse isn't really reaching out as a proper organizing tool. The critical mass in that way isn't here yet.

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We may have become a Burning Man podcast.

Also, if you want to get on our next Superfans episode, reply in the comments with generally good days/times for you to record [NF]


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im at the police station. im at the bonfire. im at the combination police station/bonfire

Hey @luricaun! That's so much for the warm wishes...and it's amazing you asked this because it ties nicely into the @severalways2live upcoming fansite.

For recording, we join a jitsi conference (just a website you in go to WebRTC) and launch a local instance of Studiolink


As far as the UltraSchall bits, @flowfx knows more about that.

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@nickfarr @flowfx Any hints for buying used computers in Mexico City? Maybe even online? Looking for something that could be used for some CAD dabbling.

Amazing synchronicity @Bobo_PK! @flowfx and I just finished recording the next episode of @severalways2live and I was just thinking about you too!

We should have you and our other superfans on the podcast for Episode 35!

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At home? Alone? Most certainly not, you have @nickfarr and @flowfx coming to you with Episode 30 of Several Ways to Live.

Huge news in the episode too!


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What do you want us to talk about in the next* episode? [FX]

*the one after the one that @nickfarr still has to do show notes for.

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So while @nickfarr figures out how to get people paid during this crisis, we're asking YOU to send us questions about FUN TOPICS for our upcoming mailbag episode!

Let us know if you'd like to guest star!

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As of right now, @nickfarr has 24 hours to write show notes and publish episode 30. If he hasn't done so until 12:13:pm UTC on Tuesday, @flowfx and all our listeners will be very, very disappointed. [FX]

@SevenOfNein @severalways2live Yes, I am in a relationship...I mean, I thought the whole "I moved in with my girlfriend" part was clear.

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Episode 29: @nickfarr returns to his apartment in Mexico City, a perfect time to plot new episode ideas with @flowfx for the upcoming year.


Three episodes posted in one day after only three months of slacking!

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