I did say that the ladder was only a bit icy, did I?

And a cropped version of that is going to be my new lock screen, I guess.

Sometimes being on-call also means to do manual work. But at least it wasn't raining (well, maybe a bit) and the ladder was only a bit icy, so still okay :)

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FYI: 2FA of PayPal is actually just 1FA.
You can reset your password using your 2FA phone number.
In conclusion your money is vulnerable to SMS interception attacks. It has been like that for years.

So, why is 2FA or account recovery via SMS a really bad idea, you ask?

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Urgent advice needed, Germany, COVID-19, boosts (+++) 

My friend (mentioned in the thread below) had a layover in Frankfurt. During the layover she tested positive for COVID-19. She had to reschedule her flight to Namibia, and was admitted to a hospital for treatment.

She is no longer in need of urgent medical care, and so will be released from the hospital soon. Due to the looming lockdown and her positive test result it doesn't look like she will have anywhere to stay for the remainder of her quarantine period (at least 10 more days).

Are there any facilities in or around Frankfurt set up for patients who test positive for COVID-19? English language searches don't yield much, and advice from someone who knows the local situation better at the moment is urgently needed.

She has already contacted the US embassy, who weren't able to offer much assistance.

Advice from someone who knows the situation better needed urgently! Boosts highly appreciated.

Original Post: todon.nl/@lib/1049895470834508

Proxmox für ARM, . Oder eine andere Lösung um mit günstigen ARM Boards kleine Cluster zu bauen, auf dem VMs laufen können.

Maintenance time: new chain for my CX bike and new trainer wheel for a MTB :)

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Next time you are happy about an AI feature, keep in mind that in most cases they can only reproduce the past and not create a future.

Spannende Fehler für 1000: Switches die TCP streams auf etwa 10% der Portbandbreite limitieren. Aber nur wenn der eingehende Port 10G und ausgehend 1G ist. Und dann auch nicht immer und bei allen Geräten aber bei manchen zu 100% reproduzierbar. Aber da darf sich jetzt der Hersteller drum kümmern.

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Next FOSDEM: 6 & 7 February 2021, online

FOSDEM 2021 will take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February 2021 as an online event.

Please bear with us while we work out the specifics. Further details and calls for participation will be announced in the coming weeks.

Nerds on vacation, having a rest day between mountainbiking and climbing: she solders a drum synthy, I a couple of tiny LoRa nodes 😇

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@nicoduck das fertige Ergebnis. Leider etwas krumm und zu stark aufgegangen. Das geht besser, schmeckt aber trotzdem so wie es soll.

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Unser typisches Morgenbrot. Der Teig geht am Ende nochmal etwa 12 Stunden im Kühlschrank und ist damit gut geeignet morgens direkt frisches Brot zu backen.

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/etc/hosts fun 

add xn--s78h

to your /etc/hosts then all your dev servers can be accessed at http://🚽

It's your loo-pback address

(inspired by
over on :birdsite: )

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This is so cool: An RFID checklist – it's a self-built tool to tell you which things are in your backpack/luggage, and compare them against your travel checklist. Brilliant writeup, too! aeracode.org/2020/01/10/rfid-c

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