Sometimes being on-call also means to do manual work. But at least it wasn't raining (well, maybe a bit) and the ladder was only a bit icy, so still okay :)

@leah @nicoduck mindestens den Fakt, dass es aus dieser Perspektive noch kein interessantes Foto gab! :-)

@leah Outdoorunit von ner Richtfunkstrecke tauschen. Also die aktive Komponente direkt an der Schüssel.

@leah die hat gestern angefangen zu flappen und beim Tausch war dann auch der Grund klar. Irgendwo hat das Ding Feuchtigkeit gezogen 🙈

@Jkp Yes, but it's also fun. I stopped having problems with height once I learned about the materials and stuff used for safety (and when I trust the particular installation I'm going to depend on)

That's a fair comment.
I'm sort of ok up to a certain height and, obviously, much better with good equipment and safety setups.
I once did chimney sweeping, self employed, and climbed ladders on to roofs with no visible means of support!!
Total madness and, somehow, I survived to know better.

@Jkp Ah, yea, that's also something I don't really fancy doing. I once was at a friends roof to install a sat dish and did not feel very well without my trusty rope. Next time, I know what to do different ;)

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