Nothing too special or fancy yesterday. I guess the helicopter might be the most interesting photo? Oh and there's an HDR of the sun setting behind a substation ;)

Work forced me to go outside yesterday, so I took the opportunity and the DSLR to one of our sites. And then forgot the DSLR in the car downstairs and couldn't be bothered to get it. So enjoy this picture I took with the phone until I check out the others 😂

I did say that the ladder was only a bit icy, did I?

And a cropped version of that is going to be my new lock screen, I guess.

Sometimes being on-call also means to do manual work. But at least it wasn't raining (well, maybe a bit) and the ladder was only a bit icy, so still okay :)

Maintenance time: new chain for my CX bike and new trainer wheel for a MTB :)

Nerds on vacation, having a rest day between mountainbiking and climbing: she solders a drum synthy, I a couple of tiny LoRa nodes 😇

@nicoduck das fertige Ergebnis. Leider etwas krumm und zu stark aufgegangen. Das geht besser, schmeckt aber trotzdem so wie es soll.

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Unser typisches Morgenbrot. Der Teig geht am Ende nochmal etwa 12 Stunden im Kühlschrank und ist damit gut geeignet morgens direkt frisches Brot zu backen.

Brot 0 ist leider beim Backen nicht mehr aufgegangen, hab den Teig zu lange gehen gelassen. Davon abgesehen sieht es aber gut aus.

There will be more bread tomorrow. One wheat and one rye & spelt bread.

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