Why do they call it Libra and not Credits? Then we would be at least in accordance with SciFi-literature.

Magic books: why are they so rarely available as ebooks? I don’t have the space and I want to be able to carry them around all the time.

I knew FBSD has its problems but very time I read this blog post, I wonder what the devs think when they make the choices they are making:
FreeBSD – a lesson in poor defaults

Interesting thing I got asked from a non-nerd: Is it possible to remove the protection from an ebook that I want to buy? I don’t want that company removes the book from my device or that I cannot open it anymore for some reasons one day.

I just checked the BMI for my size and 60kg with 1.80m is just over underweight? I would be only skin and bones if I would weigh 60kg…I cannot believe that this not already underweight. I would have thought the lower border would be like 65-70kg.

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I wonder why Netflix used apparently a new translation for NGE. Maybe they couldn’t score the license for the original subs for some reason. And then the job was like: “Do it, 26 episodes, 1 week time max.” So no chance to dive into the subtleties but just rush it.

Netflix apparently didn’t ruin NGE for me. I don’t care about “Fly me to the moon” and always found it kind of annoying and I watch it with Japanese subtitles for the learning effect. So, lucky me

No, I won’t enter a thread about language subtleties in Japanese. I value my sleep and blood pressure more.

OMG! Netflix Germany has Neon Genesis Evangelion!

And I got several balls for cups and balls for really cheap because the magic shop wanted to remove them from the inventory. Now I can have a look at Vernon’s Impromptu Cups and Balls

I organized my magic tutorial videos today. It seems I do not need to buy any for the next decade or so. At least so long it will take until I learned all the stuff taught there (and a bit less when I take out the stuff that turned out not really interesting…)

Do you know of any magicians who are active on Mastodon?

While moving here, I also updated my profile. I just found out about this label-thing. Now I have to figure out how I can find other magicians. Usually they are using Instagram…not my platform of choice.

@frumble der Account ist aber nielsk@chaos.social - da folgen mir auch schon ein paar Leute (und sind gerade gefolgt) - und die Nachricht ist von dem Account

I moved now to chaos.social. I do not understand why @sir got blocked there and when I asked I never got an answer…let's see how this migration-thingy works

@sir I tried following you from my main account on mastodon.social but that didn’t work. Do you block that instance or might there be some bug I have to figure out to get around?


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