So, the mastodon-server I am using wants me to use content warnings if I post something about covid-19. The cross post-bot from doesn’t let me do it. So I will have to leave the server or at least won’t use it anymore for posting. Well. Bye Mastodon.

The mortality rate of COVID-19 makes me worry. But the permanent lung damage even light cases can have make me worry even more.

Lese in einer Twitter-Bio “kritischer Bürger” und mir fehlen die nicht-abelistischen Worte um meine Vorurteile auszudrücken.

Well, I hope Rise of Skywalker is better than the last two. At least this trilogy is better than the prequels.
But I really like The Mandalorian. It is so much better than the movies.

Rey, Super-Jedi. It still feels wrong. But maybe my knowledge of Star Wars is just sub-par.

Watching The Last Jedi the first time and ehm… is it me or is The Mandalorian better than Force Awakens and Last Jedi?

My son says he had no white bricks/parts to build a wind generator. I think it is a very morbid wind generator…
Oh and Tzimisce would love it…

Great. The latest beta of the password-manager I am using on iOS won’t accept the password of my private hog-key anymore and is therefore unable to decrypt any passwords. Awesome way to start into the weekend -.-

The end of a normal lockdown evening. I hope I will be able to perform in front of people again from time to time.

When I want to distribute the softirqs of network load over multiple cpus: do I need a network driver/card that supports multi queuing or is it enough to change smp_affinity for the irq? Any recommendations what to read about this topic?

Sometimes when I read news from the US I have suddenly the image in my head from when I was a child or teenager and what I thought about the US back then. It was kind of a land of dreams, now I would think twice if I even would want to do a vacation there. It sounds so broken.

Da liest du ein Buch über die Geschichte der Zauberei von einem Zauberer aus der DDR und plötzlich kurz vor Schluss kommt die Message zum Sozialismus.
(Wunderwelt Magie von Jochen Zmeck, 1966, S. 181)

Is there any information what is happening in North Korea regarding COVID-19?

I wonder if it would be possible to build a pong-game (1d-pong?) with the HDD-lights of the servers in a rack…

Zum Thema Ehrenrechte gibt es einen Wikipedia-Artikel:
Aberkennung der Ehrenrechte gibt es seit 1969 nicht mehr.

1959: “das Westberliner Landgericht … zu 15 Monaten Zuchthaus, 5000 Mark Geldstrafe und 3 Jahre Ehrverlust verurteilte.“
Was hat denn der „Ehrverlust“ für Folgen gehabt? Gibt es das noch und wird nur nicht mehr angewendet?

Regarding my last post to KISS: I never met someone who installed just a simple editor and started his work. Except maybe the one time when I read the John Carmack installed OpenBSD one summer and programmed using only using base.
Usually they install and configure tons of tools

My problem with KISS: those distributions and window managers usually take far longer to be in a state that one is productive and lead to far more tinkering (being a distraction by this) than the black box that just works

Someone solved this already I bet: what is the best way to stream my iPhone-camera to my iPad? I want to use my iPad as a monitor to see what is happening but also want to record video with the iPhone

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