I can’t read a medium-blog-post because I used up my free membership-preview-articles this month. They seriously want to force me to create an account with Medium. I’d rather write the authors that I can’t read their articles because Medium sucks.

Do you really not browse using #private mode? Brave man 😳


@0 why would I? They can track you even through private mode. I see private mode only as a way to keep things from my history or when I need a fresh cache for a site.
And when I use the in-app-Browser of iOS in an app there is no private mode.

> why would I?

In order to keep reading “free” articles? 🙂

> They can track you even through private mode

Technologically possible, but legally questionable. To my knowledge, the amount of such tracking the major players do is limited and not too controversial. If you have any *factual, contrastable and reliable* information in this sense (e.g., from legal proceedings), I'd be glad to know.


There's also the issue of intentionality. As a user, #private mode is a powerful signal that you do not want to be tracked, something else with which data controllers would have to contend when trying to justify their actions.

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