What is the best website currently to find Creative Common-licensed music?

@JackMcCrack @nielsk if jamendo still is the best way, then we're pretty much fucked in that regard

don't get me wrong! I like jamendo - it's just more like a radio and less a way to search for specific stuff

@drazraeltod @nielsk any better recommendations? IMHO are complains about not perfect solutions not helpful.

@JackMcCrack I guess you'll find that I'm really rarely helpful.

@nielsk bandcamp via duckduckgo if you' re interested in a specific license ;)

@BjornW @nielsk I just tried and searched... are there CC parameters for the DDG bandcamp search shortcut?

@fihu @nielsk

The bandcamp search does not work for this. Paste this into

"some rights reserved"

Now you'll get music using a Creative Commons license. Enjoy.

@BjornW @nielsk Awesome!

You can add tags like so "skate punk" - still works and brings accurate results!

@nielsk there's a lot of music by Kevin McLeod, (maybe you've heard of him?) on

@nielsk I put my own music under CC but most of it are just short samples, so I'm not sure if it fits your needs:

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