And today I saw on a mailing list again: people shit-talking other operating systems than the one they like usually have only barely a clue about the other operating systems they are talking about.

@nielsk As a 25 year windows user, I feel confident in saying that not only does it not do what I need it to do, but it also does things I very much hate it doing.

No idea about MacOS though.

@BioHackerBI every OS has its problem and its advantages - Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc. It is mainly about the compromises and what you want to do.
Nothing beats Windows for example when it is about managing loads of desktop clients and being able to manage users and their permissions and what they can do on the machines in a centralized manner. Active Directory is awesome in doing that. I needed to be a Windows-admin to see those advantages.

@nielsk I see those advantages too, but they don't really fit my use case.

Plus, any OS that transmits encrypted telemetry is a no-go for anything more sensitive than forum logins.

But that's just me, and I do run windows 10 on the gaming box, because as far as modern "big" games go, there is no alternative.

@BioHackerBI I wouldn’t use it as a Webserver or a Mailserver (even though Exchange can be great if you live in a Windows/Outlook-world)

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