Katjes ist nicht nur besser, weil die vegetarische Gelatine nutzen, sondern auch Einhörner und Regenbogen haben.
Würde sich das alles nur nicht so nach gegenderten Süßigkeiten anfühlen…

At least I needed only 5 minutes to be back in a working system and I learned how to define the systemd-target in grub.

First time using testing on my Arch-machine to install Gnome 3.34 and it directly breaks. GDM didn’t show the user and password input screen anymore…

I jist read the first review of Shadowrun 6 that reads like it might be a fun system after all

Since SR 6th seems to be rather bad, I wonder how hard it would be to create ones own Shadowrun and what would be allowed? “Just” creating rules, gear, critters etc and leaving out the lore because fans have it already. What would be allowed and what would be legally problematic?

I just started to look into a magic book and the first essential sleight I see will take me weeks, probably months to learn…

Current reputation of Shadowrun 6th ed that got just released: I’d rather get Hack the Planet from Samjoko or Cyberpunk Red that this apparent piece of crap. And Shadowrun is my absolute favorite game for decades now.

Currently we are reading Harry Potter to the kids. Since we take turns in reading to them, I want to read the books completely again because I miss some parts. Those books are so good.

Auch wenn ihr nicht-vegan/vegetarisch unterwegs seid: schaut euch mal in der Bio-Abteilung bei den Veganer Aufstrichen um. Hab ich früher nicht gemacht, aber da gibt es so viele tolle Aufstriche.

I just watched some martial arts-series and thought: “you would need a John Wick here”

Please shoot me: I just read 富士山 as Fujiyama and not as Fujisan.

Awesome. Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition is again licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

I am skimming the just released Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition and it seems a lot better rule-wise than the first edition. Character generation seems simpler and forking/merging, imho the USP of the game seems to be handled far better. Nice!
Now I need to find the time and a group

Wake me when R. Talsorian released Cyberpunk Red
I am still suspicious regarding Shadowrun 6th Edition. But I have no time playing P&P-RPGs anyway.

@0 why would I? They can track you even through private mode. I see private mode only as a way to keep things from my history or when I need a fresh cache for a site.
And when I use the in-app-Browser of iOS in an app there is no private mode.

I can’t read a medium-blog-post because I used up my free membership-preview-articles this month. They seriously want to force me to create an account with Medium. I’d rather write the authors that I can’t read their articles because Medium sucks.

In the meantime the community of the aforementioned subreddit rehabilitated itself and useful answers are coming in

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