For the people who are hosting mails by themself: do you have someone else who hosts their mail by themself and you use their server as second mx and they use yours or how do you handle matters of a secondary mx?

6 hours of work during the night and I have to finish with a rollback. Aaaahhhhhhh

Do I go now to bed, get up in two hours, bring the kid to kindergarten and go to bed again, or do I wait until the kids are gone and then go to bed?

Becoming average in speaking Mandarine must be pretty hard. There are so many native speakers (and close to native speakers) that there are probably not enough learners to drag the average down by a lot.

The thing is that orgs always have new requirements and updates of soft- and hardware brings up new problems, thus system administrators are still needed in the end even though they automated everything and built highly reliable systems.

Maybe an unpopular opinion: but the two most important jobs of a system administrator is to make himself needless (for example through automation and increasing reliability of the systems he builds and maintains) and replaceable (by creating good documentation).

@BioHackerBI I wouldn’t use it as a Webserver or a Mailserver (even though Exchange can be great if you live in a Windows/Outlook-world)

@BioHackerBI every OS has its problem and its advantages - Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc. It is mainly about the compromises and what you want to do.
Nothing beats Windows for example when it is about managing loads of desktop clients and being able to manage users and their permissions and what they can do on the machines in a centralized manner. Active Directory is awesome in doing that. I needed to be a Windows-admin to see those advantages.

And today I saw on a mailing list again: people shit-talking other operating systems than the one they like usually have only barely a clue about the other operating systems they are talking about.

What is the best website currently to find Creative Common-licensed music?

Pacemaker problems…I just can’t getting this replication back up without taking down the primary -.-

@tek @float13 actually I always said back then: the one app that holds me back from switching away is OmniFocus. Now I see integration with messages, clipboards syncing over, I want iTerm2 with its neat tmux-integration etc

@tek @float13 Fantasitical is a great calendar-app for me but if I’d need to switch there are many good enough replacements. I switched away from Macs like 4 or 5 years ago and I still could not find a decent replacement for OmniFocus. They all have problems. I was quite happy the last months with org-mode but not having an iOS-app that is really really good (beorg is quite good) and not having something like the review-functionality and some UX-stuff is hurting.

@tek @float13 fantasticals subscription is just too much. You can still buy OmniFocus afaik but is expensive as always. But then you still need a cheaper subscription if you want to use the web-service ($5/month) which I want to use because my laptop is not a Mac. But after getting now an iPad I am seriously thinking about switching back from Linux. The integrated experience of iPhone and iPad is pretty awesome and I want that on the desktop again, too.

@tek @float13 currently I am thinking about subscribing to OmniFocus Pro. Yet another subscription but at least I get the web-app with that which seems to be useful for my case. I understand why they all want subscriptions but it just adds up and up and up. I am subscribing to a movie streaming service, a music streaming service, magic tutorial streaming services, online storage, mail, and then there are apps where they want subscriptions…

@drazraeltod ich mag macOS und überlege immer wieder mal ob ich zurückwechsel.

@drazraeltod ein Dev bei uns ist gerade von macOS auf Windows 10 umgestiegen und ist erstaunlich glücklich (wir dürfen nutzen was wir wollen)

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