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My org-agenda includes now a weather forecast but it is like 10 degree Celsius to low Oo
I might have the location wrong or something.

Ha, I got the Java-application for work in swaywm working

Wait, what? Why does Oracle Linux 8 have MariaDB and not MySQL? Don’t they use their own products in their own products?

In swaywm a Java-application I need for work doesn’t work :/
Now I tried KDE again which is working well and looks nice ( I love the blur) but not with wayland where it sucks with multiple displays :/

It is 2019. On German twitter the topic “pork” is trending because two kindergartens are removing it from their “menu”. One major party calls this “leftist political correctness”. This world is so sooo broken -.-
Btw our kindergarten is vegetarian out of practical reasons…

Und in der Threemagruppe bezeichnet jetzt jemand die „Zigeuner Nachbarn in der Sozialwohnung“ als „Schmarotzer“.
Ich mag nicht mehr…

I am now seagan for 2 weeks completely (in my vacation it was complicated…before that it was a week or two). Works better than I expected.
And yes, I just learned that there is the term “seaganism” (vegan + seafood; in my case it excludes Tuna though).

I bought today the Blade Runners ‘ Final Cut on Blu-ray. I might watch that tonight.

Whatsapp-groups are more crap than social media networks. And I left the next one because people didn’t want to understand that “Another fag left the chat” is offensive.

TIL: „The Ashinoko Skyline, a private toll road in the city of Hakone plays A Cruel Angel’s Thesis when driven over at a constant speed. The music is created from the vehicle’s tires due to specially built tarmac surface.“ (quotes from the Wikipedia)

Why do they call it Libra and not Credits? Then we would be at least in accordance with SciFi-literature.

Magic books: why are they so rarely available as ebooks? I don’t have the space and I want to be able to carry them around all the time.

I knew FBSD has its problems but very time I read this blog post, I wonder what the devs think when they make the choices they are making:
FreeBSD – a lesson in poor defaults

Interesting thing I got asked from a non-nerd: Is it possible to remove the protection from an ebook that I want to buy? I don’t want that company removes the book from my device or that I cannot open it anymore for some reasons one day.

I just checked the BMI for my size and 60kg with 1.80m is just over underweight? I would be only skin and bones if I would weigh 60kg…I cannot believe that this not already underweight. I would have thought the lower border would be like 65-70kg.

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