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To someone with more knowledge in cryptography and dovecot: what is the purpose of the DH-parameters? Why don’t I need to generate DH-parameters for apache or nginx for example?

I wonder if “Not feeling the joy” is a reason to return something to Konmaries web shop

When did I wake up in one of those Cyberpunk-novels?

TIL: even whey protein-powder gets gendered and there is the normal and the „Ladies“-variant. WTF‽

When KDE 5.18 is released I will give it yet another try. I don’t know why I always want to try other distros, DMs and WMs when I am actually quite happy with my current setup.

Wo kann ich denn Drei Fragezeichen-Hörspiele als mp3 kaufen, wenn ich mein Geld nicht bei Amazon lassen will?

Es ist zwar vegetarisch. Aber Katjes wir müssen reden. Über eure scheiß gegenderten Süßigkeiten!
Auch wenn ich Einhörner mag.

Rereading the Lord of the Rings after 20 years and I wonder how I remember the The Two Towers is mainly descriptions of the environment of Middle-Earth. There is so much happening, so many conversations, so many songs.

It seems that I fixed a plugin for yt-das by just changing three characters.

Delivered a 45 minute magic show at the new year party from work and everyone was astonished at the end. It went great 😀

The best compliment I got tonite probably was: “When I was little my grandpa did tricks for our kids. But you could easily see through them. Your stuff was way beyond that.” And the colleague who wants to get up early on Monday to draw a pentagram around my desk before I arrive…

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Colleagues asked me to do a little magic at an office party tomorrow. I am very anxious. When I perform in a bar I do not really have problems with anxiety. I think I have mainly problems with performing in front of people I know. Meh.

Is there any other eInk-reader that can also sync its read-state to a decent iPhone/Android-app like the Kindle even with ebooks that are not bought from the store it uses (I doubt that there are yet open source solutions :/ )

And another reason why one should reduce ones spending on Amazon
“Amazon ‘threatens to fire’ employees for campaigning against climate change”

Plans for my retirement: creating a TTRPG-campaign in the epic sense where the players are like Luke, Leia, Han Solo et al in Star Wars or the members of the fellowship in the Lord of the Rings. Right in the middle of the real big events and a major part in the fight against evil

coc.nvim – one of the worst or funniest names for a plug-in ever. I always have to shake my head and snicker when I see Reddit-posts like “What are your COC-settings?”

I travelled back 20 years today and did a stupid Sysadmin-thing: I tried to upgrade CentOS7 to CentOS8 without doing a snapshot of the VM beforehand. What the hell did I think?
Well, now it is an Ubuntu 18.04 which I already started to set up a month ago as a replacement.

I just a Lamborghini that resembled a SUV Oo

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