self promo, new maia shirt designs, boosts appreciated 

i added 4 new designs to my merch store over the last few days, they’re currently all 35% off for the first few days !!

i get a tiny bit of money from every shirt sale, however if u cant afford to get any of the designs you like via teepublic you’re free to β€œsteal” any of the designs in the store (font used is F25 Bank Printer) and use a local printing option :)

i repaired my laptop, installed linux on it and created an account here on the same machine

what could go wrong? lmao

if you're really good at being a streamer they advance you to being a riverer

I hate capitalism I hate capitalism I hate capitalism I hate capitalism I hate capitalism I FUCKING HATE CAPITALISM

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me looking at the seven device remotes and nine console controllers on my couch: finally i am the AV dyke i always wanted to be

Canon can’t get enough toner chips, so it’s telling customers how to defeat its DRM - Tim De Chant (January) @ ars Technica:

OH: Siehst du diese Augenringe? Das sind die Augenringe des Kapitalismus!

MS Teams huh?
*peels off sticker*
Xbox Live Party Chat for Enterprise


mich fuckt das ab, dass als einzige antwort auf "crypto ist eine umwelttechnische vollkatastrophe" diese cryptobros nur bringen "aber streaming, aber gaming" so guck dir mal den maßstab an.

united states of bitcoin verbraucht inzwischen mehr strom als ΓΆsterreich und schweiz zusammen. das kriegt nichtmal das konventionelle bankensystem halt hin... und dabei erfΓΌllts sogar ein zweck fΓΌr milliarden von menschen.

food, drugs, lewd, bad, shitpost 

we are not the same, you are popping pills, im

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