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Here's SPACE, a little 5 page anxiety comic I did in 2014 (so long ago!) I found it when going through some old sketchbooks and I'm still rather fond of it so I thought I'd share!

#anxiety #comic #blackandwhite

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Some must watch while some must peep.

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tmw you find a Age of Empires I cheat sheet in your room.

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Welcome to the intersection of our filter bubbles!

If you have a chance. Vote for me. I will tell you my agenda right after my election.

Why must the right people always fall in love with the wrong people and vice versa? Uhm and then there are those who are not capable to feel love anymore.

Discovered a typo in my thesis...

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It might be true that 99 pct of the (hu)mankind are dumb. But probably I am not part of the other 1 pct. It is just unlikely. Statistical fact. If more ppl would live like that the world would be a better place.

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Well, does this mean now that I can leave my GitHub account for good?

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"If you don't change the way you look you'll be trendy every seven years"

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