Maaaybe I've got a PhD position. Let's hope for the best!

Worse than to be alone is to be left alone.

I think it is a little bit sad that it is sufficient nowadays for a friend to change his FB profile and background picture to plain white to leave me with the strange uncomfortable feelingthat something really bad might had happened. I mean I know he is in a realtionship that he is not happy about but now has a child with is just fucking facebook...strange strange...

What are exactly the pros of traditional folklore? Or asked differently: why I don't give a f**k bout them?

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In the last month i bought two books that are actually meant for children - but for me. I might be losing control over my life. :thisisfine:

And again I could not help to throw out tons of money for books. Why is reading so fucking expensive. I mean, well actually I could borrow all these books from a library but I want to become myself a library πŸ€—

A good song drills into your head and makes its way to the heart over the time.

A fucking awesome song strikes your heart and it takes your head some time to figure out why you actually even like this song.

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Does anyone want to get a tattoo with my name?

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There is merely a reason to eat animals to be honest.

Looking for scientific studies to underpin my arguement with my step mom that vegetarian diet is more healthy for almost anyone, especially her daughter and my dad.

Life is really an exceptional situation.

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When you go to a store and boot all the surfaces to Ubuntu and leave

Theory: Marx' predictions were wrong bc he did not forsee the two WWs.

I move my room one floor up. Now my "new" sister can take over my old room.

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