Fun Fact:

die bibliographische Abkürzung für Marx' und Engel's Gesamtwerk ist MEGA.

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Don’t blame the technology. Humour aside, I believe we human try avoid direct contact with unknown persons as much as possible. At least I do that when waiting for a cab or bus. I really don’t want to do little chat.

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New Idea: release smartphone app games on gaming/slot machines.

Wish you a capitalistic Valentine's Day!

It is somehow strange if looking up basic expressions (love etc.) on wikipedia gives you unforeseen insight into what's wrong with you and your relationships 😂

Trapped in the mind of a trapped person.

I dunno why but the concept of dating is somehow always awkward in the beginning of it... :D

First drown in your emotions. Then drown your emotions in alcohol.

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Being single means being more often drunk.

So after I sorbered up now from the drunkeness of love I can start tring to tell myself that this was never meant to last.

As everything was making sense you took away my self-confidence. So here we go again. Fuck you life...

For 2019 i wish ppl would be (more) aware that global warming is only the symptom for one single planetary boundary that we crossed...

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