I finally got my money back from the capitalist who owned my former flat :)

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Trying out some new vine @ Cofeba in Graz!

Guest prof proudly tells us that his university is funded by rich US american. Fuck capitalism 😣

For the first time since a long time I can say: I'm really really happy. :)

Man kann wunderbar alleine Leben, nur kann man so kein Leben führen.

J.S. Foer (Here I am)

Just realized that deaf ppl can telephone via Video!

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How Europe's taxpayers have been swindled of €55 billion:

Pretty amazing investigation.

Terrible, terrible title though.

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I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.


Is it just me being oldfashioned or why do I find it bewildering that media seems to be only consumed via videos?

Why can't this whole love thing just be about two ppl loving each other mentally and physically?

"Which is better - to be vorn stupid into an intelligent society or intelligent into an insane one?" Will (Island; A.Huxley)

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Global Warming.

Die mit Abstand beste Visualisierung dazu kommt - wie eigentlich immer - von xkcd.


Danach brauch man eigentlich nicht mehr diskutieren.

I refuse to accept all the things ppl say about love in a negative way. That the feeling of being in love will fade anyway and that the best thing to be reached is to get used to each other. Imho the miracle of love can be sustained over a lifetime if one just is honest and never forgets the feelings one has or had. Never take happiness for granted and try to see in your partner the person you fell in love with. It's still the same.

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If you won't believe that you're redeemed by MY redeemer's blood, I'll drown you in your own.

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