Nur noch gut zwei Wochen bis zur #Digitalisierungskonferenz von am 7.12.

Samt meinem famosen Workshop zu #DigitaleGewalt mit und - meldet euch an, bald ist er ausgebucht.

Anmeldung: #digitalLINKS

The #radicale project (selfhosting carddav/caldav solution) is currently looking for some new core maintainers.

If you would like to work on an awesome #opensource project and (in best case) you are familar with #python please join us.

Please re-toot and share it in your community if you want to help.

While we are at it: Please consider donating to support Due to the increased demand and declining donations, we are currently covering ~40%-50% of the instance costs ourselves. We're preparing a more detailed report.

Any donation via, or bank transfer (ask @leah for details) would help a lot.

Soft Money, Hard Lives -- our piece in Library Journal on the Collective Responsibility project is up. What we're tackling, why, and how many other ways this problem needs to be addressed.

Damit kein Missverständnis aufkommt: Wenn Bundesgesundheitsminister Jens Spahn sagt, das Digitale-Versorgungs-Gesetz sei ja mit mir besprochen, dann heißt das NICHT, dass er alle wichtigen Forderungen übernommen oder ich meine Bedenken zurückgezogen habe.

I do think there are many benefits to thinking about storage as its own thing. It becomes a problem when you think it's the whole thing.

Two ideas I've found harmful in digital preservation:

1. "digital preservation" can be reduced to how you set up your storage

2. "digital preservation" can be considered separate from how the stuff you store gets into storage

Maybe that's just one thing.

Rhizome is supporting WBStack, a Wikibase hosting service that offers Linked Data infrastructure including a query service on demand:

Welche Bibliotheken weltweit bieten bereits ein Lab für Daten, Schnittstellen und Softwareentwicklungen an? Hier sind sie zu finden:

(Unser ist auch dabei)

@katrinleinweber @phel The University of Twente seems to do some research on this:

"[...] advertisements are responsible for 15 ~ 53 percent of the total energy consumed when browsing a website with advertisements on a smartphone."

"[...] total amount of energy used to display web advertisement [towards dutch users] is equivalent of the total yearly electricity consumption of nearly 2000 households"

#Adblocker #Climate #Sustainability

Interested in attending or speaking #CopyleftConf this February in Brussels? Find our Director of Community Operations @bac at #OSSummit for encouragement, answers to your questions, etc.

Oh wow, #Gitea is finally getting #kanban boards. I've been waiting for this so I can #selfhost both repositories and code-unrelated to-do lists (currently using #Trello for the latter) in one place. #mc

Thanks and!

"Syrian activist and archivist Hadi Al Khatib (…) fears that automated removal, which in 2017 deleted 10 percent of the archive documenting violence in Syria, risks erasing critical history." (Video)

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