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@cwebber it is the Münchhausen trilemma! Aka Agrippas trilemma it demonstrates the impossibility of final proofs in logic.
I wrote my master thesis about a poem (supposedly) connecting it with Gödels incompleteness theorems.

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@joliyea die Augen schließen und die unbeschreiblichen Flimmermuster sehen, ganz für mich allein. Schreiben für mich ganz allein. Sport, Lesen, Musik. Die gehen auch mit anderen und zum Teil mit Kind. Derzeit viel Vorlesen oder -singen. Überhaupt Sachen mit Kind machen. Nicht immer entspannend aber unvorhersehbar, unvergleichlich, immer im hier und jetzt: glücklich.

covid poetry 

These poems on covid & trumpism & AHH!! are fucking fierce:

"the coronasplaining of the armchair virologists/Donald J. Trump is the King of all Ventilators/by a hard lockdown under drone biosurveillance"

Kind hat kürzlich ein Hochbett bekommen. Nun jeden Abend: „Ich lade noch die Bücher hoch und dann können wir sie lesen.“

Welches Wort ist eigentlich das richtige, wenn „Lektüre“ im Sinne des gedanklichen Wandelns in einem geschriebenen Text (z.B. „Bettlektüre“…) gemeint ist, aber das Medium sind?

While there are older descriptions, stories and myths about automata in at least Chinese, Indian and Greek history, the first documented **programmable machine** was this automatic flute created by the Brothers Musa in 9th century Baghdad.

„Warum nicht gleich Wikidata?“ gibt einen Überblick über Potentiale von „Wikidata als "Meta-Normdaten" und zentrale Referenzdatenbank für Kulturerbe-Information“ cc @Frinka

Open Source: Github schließt Archivierung im Eis ab - interessant auch, dass die Entscheidung auf Mikrofilm fiel (gut wohl). Spannend auch, ob die 1000 Jahre Permafrost so bestand haben (soff nicht der Svalbard Global Seed Vault da ab?)

Two weeks ago the four iniatives of rooted in the humanities and cultural studies, und , published their memorandum of understanding:

Limestone chalk under the electron microscope: composed almost entirely of the tiny skeletons of ancient ocean-dwelling organisms

AppWarden: Google und die gesamte Tracking-, Marketing- und Werbeindustrie dürfte über diese Android-App wenig erfreut sein... 🧙‍♂️

Bitte teilen.

swear to god if I ever learn what monads are they better not be functions wrapping functions or some bullshit

I was watching a YT video by Winston Sterzel on whether Chinese people in fact eat dogs when two of his remarks caught my attention:

• Dog meat is eaten by the lower classes and more traditional people. It is a winter food because people think that dog meat is particularly capable of warming one's chi. (3:13)
• Another aspect in the consumption of dog meat is that many Chinese people seem to think that if the dog meat is richer in adrenaline it's better for the human body, so dogs are cruely brought to death to have the adrenaline in the meat. (9:34)

Interestingly, the "adrenochrome" idea I mentioned recently in a covid-19 conspiracy story I happened to endure by my chiropractic ( I mistakenly labelled it "androchrome") is not that much different. In the time of the #covid19 pandemic, the conspiracy story claims that the "elites" created the pandemic to deflect from the fact that in vast underground camps children are held in cages, sexually abused and tortured, their blood taken with the adrenochrome (an oxidation of adrenaline) to serve as a rejuvenating elixiir for the elites. (An account of this "theory" from 2019 without the covid-19 relation but the child abuse can be read here: ) In other versions, covid-19 has been transmitted by tainted adrenochrome batches (cf. )

What may have lended such "theories" some "plausibility" are reports that blood taken from young mice and injected into older mice has some "rejuvenating" effects on the latter. (cf. ) But my main bafflement comes from the parallels in the beliefs of some Chinese dog meat consumers, some conspiracy advocates fantasizing about European and U.S. American ardenochrome production and consumption (notwhithstanding that ardenochrome can be produced in the lab and is available on the market®ion=US ) and the old anti-Semitic topos from the Middle Ages that the Jews would ritually sacrifice Christian children at Passover to obtain their blood for the unleavened bread (the blood libel, cf. )

The point for me is not how in difficult times similar accusations and beliefs may come to the surface. It's rather why there is this fascination with blood and the "rejuvenating" "power" of it, and why this power is ascribed to the blood of "inferiors", be it children or animals. Which points to another parallel, viz., as could be seen in the Climate Change protests of 2019, the old folks expect the younger generation to be responsible for hope. And as the old exploit the young with regard to hope, they ignore how theiy themselves may come up with a different, "older" kind of hope. One that arises exactly from defeat, and one that could sustain the young. (cf. my ).

These are very atavistic impulses, and they show how thin the layer is between "enlightenment" and "archaic thinking". Or perhaps rather: How in times of pressure some follow their urges to rationality, others to irrationality, and there is isn't much to be said in the favour of one over the other. Besides morals, perhaps.

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Die gar nicht so geheimen #Archive des #Vatikan – Wenige Menschen kennen sie so gut wie der Kirchenhistoriker Hubert Wolf: #Kirchengeschichte

Fedi - I could use some help.

Recently I have been playing a bit of a digital archeologist and exploring websites of late 90s/early 2000s.

I have grown up in Poland, and we had a few internet focused magazines, that would include copies of websites on a CD. I bet other countries had similar publications.

This is where I need help. What magazines from your country included offline versions of websites? English preferred, but I am happy to explore any language. Boosts greatly appreciated!


Das Runterladen der Geschlechter: alle kuratierten Datensets unseres Kultur-Hackathons 'Coding Gender - Women in Cultural Data' jetzt auch zum Download via OAI #sbbonlineoffen

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