Hey fam, does anyone know of a DIY hardware kit for digital audio players? My grandmama is losing her sight and I want to make a device for her that I can fill up with audiobooks and podcasts. Has to be button-controlled (ie, no screens). Any help appreciated!


@scottythered Yes! Been looking for such as an alternative to commercial/data intensive solutions available for children:
RPi-based: phoniebox.de/index-en.html
Arduino-based: voss.earth/tonuino/
(have a look here also under „Ähnliche Projekte“ =“similiar projects”)
Here is a loooong thread on the (german) RPI-Board on the topic with lots of technical optimizations: forum-raspberrypi.de/forum/thr
Another project with detailed parts list: github.com/alexfederlin/jukebo

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