Got a piece of "A Piece of Mind" in the mail today. Made my headachy morning.
Thank you, @TQ ! :)

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Not sure whether I already posted a successful outcome of my "default"/"goto" , but here it is, just loafing around.

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My mind again randomly went back to this screen over the last week in context of the virus. Probably not a coincidence.

Look what I found outside! Brace yourselves, spring is coming. :)

Waiting for spring. The green inside as well as the pale green outside are not nearly enough.

Potted my just now. May it grow big and strong and maybe grant me some avocados when it's old enough. 😊🥑

My avocado plantling sprouted its first delicate leaves. 😍
I'm so happy, I never managed to grow an avocado this far until now.

Morgendlicher Waldspaziergang im Regen: die ersten Fingerhüte blühen.
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