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I've been rather busy travelling the last days and have now returned with four young tomatoes (actually, I just asked by proxy for some seeds ... woops. 😊) and one lamb's ear plant (so soft! 🌱💚).

make me happy.

My Chaenomeles Japonica (japanese quinces) I got from seeds are coming along fine, I hope to grow them to little shrubs by the end of summer. 🌱💚

I want to grow them in pots as my parents also want one or two for their yard - I wonder if this is possible, can anybody advise?

Building a raised bed is a compromise between watering comfort and personal height. I learned that the hard way.

(Will definitely stick to my plan next time and not add another 20-"oh, this is somewhat low for planting, I should change that"-centimeters. 😅)

I have now six tomato younglings. (Some more vegetables hopefully to come soon.) Also, I'll try to grow those beautiful Maule's quinces from my grandmother's garden.

I hope they'll grow strong. 🌱

Look what I found outside! Brace yourselves, spring is coming. :)

What are your podcasts recommendations on or ? 🌱

(Preferably de/en/fr language.)

I fucking hate fungus gnats.
Just. So. Annoying. FlyingRightIntoMyFacestopitARGH!

Why didn't I just bake the earth before potting, augh!

Aye, the garlic is sprouting! :) 🌱

Also, I'm stunned by how many varieties (7500+) of tomatoes exist. 💚

I'll try growing tomatoes again this year after failing to do so for quite some time ... any recommendations about which varieties are rather robust to being cultivated by a n00b? 😅

Waiting for spring. The green inside as well as the pale green outside are not nearly enough.

Accidentally seeded some cucumbers - the younglings are now residing beside the herbs and avocadoes on my windowsill.
Hopefully there'll be enough light to grow them til next year.

Other than that, I planted some garlic (Aliium sativum sativum) and at the same time took care of some strawberry plants which were overtaking the bed outside.

I love all the different shades of green plants bring into my life. 💚

My avocado's eleven leaves just went from the shy, fresh childhood-green to a darker, more mature green over the last two weeks. In another pot, seedlings that will grow indoors over winter just open their first two light green leaves and yet in another pot the lemon balm's green defies the autumn's duller colours outside.

I feel blessed. 🌱

Seperated quince seeds from some quinces I had lying around.
I read they need a bit of cold until spring and think about "planting' them in an empty pot on my balcony. Or should I leave them unearthed for now?

Please advise. 🌱

Potted my just now. May it grow big and strong and maybe grant me some avocados when it's old enough. 😊🥑 – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community