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Linux people, this sysadmin job ad closes tomorrow! Please apply if you're gonna:

The Seattle Times recently published an interview with science fiction legend Greg Bear, who lives in the area:
(apologies if there’s a paywall)

I made a Conway's Game of Life simulator with a custom hardware display. Inspired by

And for my next trick, watch me upgrade the kids' box to 9.0. I'll need a beer for this!

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« We wanted a world where we controlled our computers, but we have created a world where our computers are used to control us. It is not enough to blame the companies involved; we have helped to build this world. » from LWN's 2020 vision OP

I've you haven't been following Steve Bellovin's ongoing series on the Early History of Usenet, you owe it to yourself to check it out. At least if you like things like UUCP, Usenet, 7th Edition Unix, and other such historical arcana. Part 1 is at
End of an era. People who weren't involved in Linux before, maybe, 2000 might not remember how indispensable LILO once was.

Just realized that the domain, which hosts my email and other critical aspects of my online life, is more than 20 years old. What a different internet we inhabit today than we did back then...

Just dug up some of my old code that, according to CVS(!), was last touched in 2002. It's... not actually all that bad.

Dear software world: If you're working in a language that makes it easy to solve a particular problem by writing a simple little DSL, _don't do it_! It is going to be shit.

It's amazing how much anything written in seems to drive me to rage. Today it is the meson build system. It's almost bad enough that I want to revert to the previous, mostly dormant, iputils upstream in . If I could throw the entire python ecosystem up against the wall I would do it. Right now.

I had a need to power up my old x300 last night. What a pleasant experience it was to type on a laptop with a proper keyboard. How sad it is that we can't get modern laptop makers to appreciate this detail.

A license battle involving both esr and rms? What could be more entertaining? – a Fediverse instance for & by the Chaos community