Hello. I've opened a issue for being able to remove individual accounts from your followers, not just whole instances. At the moment, you can only make a whole instance unfollow you, forcing you remove people you like, just because you want a single person to not be able anymore to read your private toots.

You can support with +1 or a comment if you would like this feature, too. 👍


@nora I think it is possible already by blocking and then unblocking the user. But an extra button for that would be better, I think.

Or is your feature something else?

@ckeen That does work? 🤔 My proposed feature is nothing more than that, it's just that it's not straight-forward. I didn't think that blocking and unblocking would do that. Yes, an extra button would help.

@ckeen Confirmed, that really works. 😶 I updated my issue.

@nora I use that quite a bit, so a clearer way to expose this functionality may be good for others too!

@nora I used the workaround which was mentioned by @ckeen on Twitter a lot, I would expect that it will work everywhere.

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