HRT question, trans 

All you beautiful people taking estrogens and having a great impact from it and at the same time having a libido, an erectile function and an acne free skin. How do you do that? What do you take, how much and in what form? Got any advices?

I feel like i always have to choose between good working E and an active sexuality. That can't be right and i think i'm doing something wrong for years. ☹️

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HRT, trans 

Had an appointment today with my endocrinologist to speak about my blood test from last week. Got some very good values, which confuses me because i didn't feel as good as it should have. 🤔

Today i replace Androcur with Spironolactone. ✨ Let's see what that does. In 8 weeks is my next appointment to talk about it.

Sigh. I'm fed up with all this experimenting after almost five years of HRT, but at least it feels like i'm moving forward. My tiddies also started growing again. Heh. 😊

HRT, trans 

Ugh! The spironolactone tablets taste very bitter. I have to swallow them as fast as i can. Blergh! 😖

HRT, trans 

@demisapiens Ich krieg' das hin! 💪🤢👍

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