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I renamed Domy into . I think that's a cute name. 😄🥕 It just happend when i was searching for a simple default image for examples and found this nice SVG carrot on OpenGameArt: opengameart.org/content/easter Fortunately as the engine is in its early alpha stage and pretty much invisible to anyone except a few people on Mastodon, i can rename it as often as i want without breaking something. 😀

🥕 github.com/bonsaiheldin/carrot

0.0.6 is up: github.com/bonsaiheldin/domy ✨

I've added a basic asset loader for loading images and sounds and more fine-grained controls for physics by adding various flags for enabling and disabling the whole physics of a sprite or only specific things like bouncing or drag.

Aufgewacht mit zwei Ideen für . Eine ist mir leider entfallen, dafür kam eine neue. 😅

Mein Magen klang vorhin im Bett wie ein Abflussrohr, durch das irgendein elastisches Metallteil geschoben wird. Guten Morgen 👋😬

Okay... Etwas gegessen und dann doch weiter programmiert und das allererste Beispiel für hochgeladen: Es zeigt, wie ein Spielcontainer erzeugt und ein Bild geladen und als Sprite eingefügt wird. 😀

So, jetzt aber. 🏃‍♀️

Schon wieder so viel programmiert heute! ⌨️ Jetzt ist aber Schluss.

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Irgendein Bewohni der umliegenden Häuser spielt im Innenhof gerade mit einer Drohne. Das Geräusch... 😱 Ich war mir erst nicht sicher, ob das nicht ein großes Insekt ist.

0.0.5 is already up: github.com/bonsaiheldin/domy

Basic physics like bouncing, drag and gravity have been added in addition to velocity. It still works. 🤷‍♀️

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0.0.4 is up. I've added keyboard and mouse controls. 🎉 They're not perfect yet and have a huge bug, but they're a start. 😅 The little shrinkged down GIF below shows my test environment with some sprites and me moving one of them and letting it collide with the world bounds. 😀

The key to super duper mega hyper ultra unicorn performance for seems to be a heavy use of CSS 3 animation, transform and transition. 🦄

I already noticed that moving stuff using translate is noticeable faster than by setting element.style. The tricky part is that transform takes one string for everything. That means i have to collect all transforms and apply them once at the end of the logic instead of setting everything directly like i'm used to. 🤔

Good documentation is hard work. 😬💦 I will concentrate on the actual programming for now until someone asks. 😶

Nice! I got jsDocs working. With jsDocs you can create a complete static documentation of your javascript by simply following a specific pattern of commenting out what you want to be documented. Now i can just add everything by changing the comments. This very very time saving! It even adds links to the positions in the code.

Here are the docs for : bonsaiheldin.github.io/domy/ ✨

I think the default theme is ugly, but for the moment it's okay. 😶

I feel very productive developing this game engine. I think it's a good project and something i can put some time into. Time i have too much of. 😺

0.0.2 of has been released and 0.0.3 will probably follow today, too. Lots of basic stuff has been made like working update and render loops (well, not really made, i'm borrowing them for now), sprites (real game objects!), a world container storing them, a simple image loader and sprite movement, collision with the game bounds and other stuff. It works. 🤷‍♀️

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I released the very first version of . It only has one feature: Creating a game container! 🎉


But ☝️ there is more to come. I just didn't upload everything i already made because i want to try to keep the changelog tidy and nice.

What already works: Creating a div and assigning it to the game when creating it. If that div does not exist (for example if the page's body is completely empty), domy will just create one itself. Yay! ✨