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The next version of πŸ₯• will get some debug methods. 😊

I've uploaded two new examples for πŸ₯• : Movement and rotation of a sprite. That makes three examples now. πŸŽ‰ Aww, it's all so tiny and simple. πŸ˜…

πŸ₯• got updated to 0.0.10. New features are that groups can now be used as object pools for a more performant creation of game objects. Also, sprites can now have other sprites as children (they become DIVs containing other DIVs).


When i type "bonsaiheldin" in search engines i find plenty of games using images i have made. Even though only a few of them are doing the attribution thing correctly as most only mention my nickname which is not enough, it feels super duper awesome! ✨

Sometimes i get the feeling that program code secretly evolves further while the computer is turned off. That would explain why suddenly bugs appear on the next day that didn't happen before, even though not a single bit of the whole code has changed.

New bugs all the tiiiiiiiiiime! β€Ύ\_😩_/β€Ύ πŸ₯•

Also, πŸ₯• received its very first star (like / favorite) on GitHub! Yay πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰

πŸ₯• got updated to 0.0.9. Sprites now have physics disabled by default. I started working on the fundament of object pooling. Creating multiple (active or inactive) sprites at once with only one command is already possible. ✨

Too bad Mastodon doesn't allow emojis in hashtags. I would like #πŸ₯•JS.

πŸ₯• got updated to 0.0.8. Actually not so much this time regarding game mechanics, but i don't like huge changelogs. 😊 Sprites can now be limited in speed and i added some basic math functions. Also, the mouse object now stores its world coordinates, too and not only the ones relative to the container. That saves some extra code. ✨

Gerade meine Schuhe gesucht... Und dann bemerkt, dass ich sie bereits trage.

Auf in den Tag! πŸ˜…πŸšŒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

Hab Brot gekauft, weil keins mehr im Schrank war. Als ich wieder zuhause war, hab ich es in den Keller gebracht und eingefroren. Das Ergebnis: Kein Brot im Schrank. 🀦

A preview image of the spectacular possibilities of . πŸ₯•

πŸ₯• got updated to 0.0.7. Overlap detection was added (actual collision detection including physics is a bit more tricky and will follow some other time). Sprites got acceleration physics and can now have their own custom update loops beside CarrotJS's internal one. ✨

I renamed Domy into . I think that's a cute name. πŸ˜„πŸ₯• It just happend when i was searching for a simple default image for examples and found this nice SVG carrot on OpenGameArt: Fortunately as the engine is in its early alpha stage and pretty much invisible to anyone except a few people on Mastodon, i can rename it as often as i want without breaking something. πŸ˜€


0.0.6 is up: ✨

I've added a basic asset loader for loading images and sounds and more fine-grained controls for physics by adding various flags for enabling and disabling the whole physics of a sprite or only specific things like bouncing or drag.

Aufgewacht mit zwei Ideen fΓΌr . Eine ist mir leider entfallen, dafΓΌr kam eine neue. πŸ˜…

Mein Magen klang vorhin im Bett wie ein Abflussrohr, durch das irgendein elastisches Metallteil geschoben wird. Guten Morgen πŸ‘‹πŸ˜¬

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