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"computers don't feel but they can absolutely suffer
and suffer they should"

I remember it thoroughly but I can't find a single trace of it online

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anyone else remember the iGoogle fish tank

It shouldn't be that hard™ you just need to take the data from and use some well-known formulas to turn your TLE into a ground track

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Has anyone made a website that's like ADS-B Exchange but for satellite ground tracks yet? I've been looking a few times but never found it.


I gave a friend my screwdriver and now it's gone, it was a Ponzidriv

"Neural correlates of interspecies perspective taking in the post-mortem Atlantic Salmon:
An argument for multiple comparisons correction" (

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Today I was reminded again of one of my favorite serious research papers


(That doesn't mean you need to be federated or distributed on a technical level. You can have distributed moderation e.g. reddit, small group chats, etc. on a centralized platform)

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There is a reason every large service with central moderation is an under-moderated cesspit and our legal systems are regionally distributed. Local rules and rulings are the only effective way to scale these things up.

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There is one thing fedi actually does very well that any alternative must be evaluated against: The core problem that every social platform that desires to dump all users together into a big town square must, at some point, figure out how to scale moderation to that entire square.

No matter what claims are made about moderation initially, making quick, effective decisions that match user consensus centrally at any appreciable scale is both socially and economically infeasible.

girl who always takes tracking parts out of any url she sends you

Everyone wants the dinosaurs I just want the trilobites

Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again?

No I don't have alert fatigue *dismisses notification out of habit without even looking at it*

after the unification of italy the south was specifically exempted from anti homosexuality laws because it was just too gay

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