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Ich wiederhole mich ja nur ungern aber ich kann‘s nicht oft genug rausbrüllen:

Die „Volkspartei“ Union sitzt immer noch mit diesen Faschist_innen in einer Fraktion!

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Heute doch noch Post von der Druckerei bekommen.

Die Farben passen nicht ganz 100%, aber dafür sind sie PVC-frei.

Falls wer möchte, ich würde gegen Versandkosten auch welche verschicken.

Ob das vor Gericht tragbar ist, dass ich offenbar 3 Monate warten musste, bis Epson BigSur treiber für meinen scanner veröffentlicht hat und die Dokumente daher später kamen?

Dear followers and follows:

I am going to move my account over to (maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow).

Depending how good masto's migration functions work, it may happen you suddenly see me disapearing. Let's hope it'll work well.

Ich muss noch einen Stapel Dokumente scannen und wegschicken.

Das schiebe ich nun seit Monaten vor mir her. Es wäre vll. ne Stunde Arbeit aber allein der Gedanke daran löst so viel Panik aus, dass das ein Ding der Unmöglichkeit ist.

"I expected someone..."
"Yes," the knight said, looking down at the dragon.
"Dragons grow in proportion to their hoard."
"I heard your hoard was huge, thousands and thousands of books."
"It is."
"I went digital," the dragon said, showing the SD card they lay on.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

people who ride fixies are also the kind of people that use arch linux as in they will use every chance to tel you

I had no idea how liberating it can feel to find a matching gender identity label

Going back to the office every 2nd week.

As much as I miss the freedom I have at home, this is going to be an improvement for my mental health I guess.

Imho, if you block someone on fedi, it should also delete all of their replies to your toots, removing them from threads they participated in.

If there’s a person whose voice you know for years already and consider cute sometimes favs your toots, but only those you made when you felt cute yourself.
I guess it’s okay to feel flattered?


- war gegen die Einführung der Ehe für alle
- hat homo-feindlichen Verein in den @WDR-Rundfunkrat gehievt
- hat einen Staatssekretär, der sagt, Homosexuelle täten ihm leid

auch Laschet:
- hisst im @CDU-Wahlwerbespot die 🌈-Fahne

Das ist verlogenes ! 😡


We finally adopted #matrix & #element as our internal chat tool, after years of messing with the org-wide Jabber platform. There's no looking back! #ITNRW


mh, transphobia 

Me, trying to do a small gender affirming thing and leave the house.

Looks like it took just one single slur to destroy the confidence I've built up lately. Funfact: I didn't even know this was a slur until I looked it up.

Why does it have to be so fucking scary? Why am I doing this to myself?
And why is both, the thought my brain making all of this up and the thought all of this is really happening equally terrifying?

PSA: if anyone emails you from, or with this "proposal", DO NOT FALL FOR IT, it's a scam. We don't own those domains and we will never spam you. Please spread the word!

I think I‘m going to try this thing called ‚sleeping‘ the kids are always talking about. Wish me luck.

My guilty pleasure:

This one podcast that is kinda sexist but I have such a deep listener relationship to it that it‘s an effective tool when my depression disables me.

Things suck right now but I just accidentally drank a cup of green tea instead of chai-choko. 🤦‍♀️

Already the 2nd selfmedication fuckup today.

Do I have any users on among my followers?
I am going to block them bc I have experienced herassment multiple times from that corner.

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