2021 - GNU get's a DMCA Takedown for publishing 'less', a software that let's you read text on your computer, because you might use it to read pirated content.

@nvi let's DMCA m$ windows, their OS can be used to access the internet, and directly pirated content eh?

@jae @nvi Did you know that you can arrange letters to recreate copyrighted text? Obviously, the alphabet is designed to enable literary piracy. We need to DMCA the alphabet.

Hey, you might give people funny ideas! You are now DMCA'ed.
@nvi @jae

@nighthacker2003 @galena @nvi

No, you are DMCAed since you stole my idea I was selling.

@jae @nighthacker2003 @galena
All of you are DMCA'd now because you are using a platform that allows for distributing copyright-protected content.

@nvi @jae @nighthacker2003 Heh. Nice try, kid, but I already DMCA'd the Digital Millennium Copyright Act itself, for infringing on my copyright on the letter D.
@jae @nighthacker2003 @nvi Shit, the recor company is MCA'ing me for infringing on my own copyright now
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