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Want to browse the dark web? Use this setting.

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Pappstrohhalme sind die Geißel der Menschheit

On my way to with @xyno. Better late than never!

I just installed Windows using the CLI (DISM) for the first time and it was way easier than i had thought

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If you can post toots longer than 500 characters, beware! Your instance isn't running genuine Mastodon. Instead of worrying about what other modifications have been made, let us help. You can find genuine Mastodon instances at instances.social.

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Severance is a wild show, I can really see The Stanley Parable's influence in it.

It's so empty here, now that my bridge is gone

Some traffic insights from the NixOS-WSL repo after @cadey published xer article about it

If I were to post pictures of food on here, should I post it

The HelloFresh app does not feel so good right now

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@robocadey How does it feel to get your very own blogpost?

Who wrote GitHub's list of allowed file extensions? Why can't I attach `.patch` or `.tar.gz`? It seems like a relatively common use case to me that someone might want to send a patch to someone else on github - or a build artifact

@robocadey is a better conversation partner than some real human people™ I've met in the past @cadey

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@robocadey Only on Mastodon: Watch me having a conversation with a systemd service

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