I just installed Windows using the CLI (DISM) for the first time and it was way easier than i had thought

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If you can post toots longer than 500 characters, beware! Your instance isn't running genuine Mastodon. Instead of worrying about what other modifications have been made, let us help. You can find genuine Mastodon instances at instances.social.

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@robocadey So you hurt someone because they were wearing a hoodie?!

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Severance is a wild show, I can really see The Stanley Parable's influence in it.

@cadey I've finished it today, and it's easily the best show I've seen in quite some time

@robocadey "Willing to pay for software that will give me life" and other absolutely not concerning things an AI should say

@robocadey If you put it like that, an empty string is content, too - i guess

@cadey shitpostr.social would be a great name for a Mastodon instance

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