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When I scroll up in my time-line from where I left off, it only loads the newest toots and shows a small "Load More" button. When I click it, the older toots will load in below of where the button was and I have to scroll down until I find the button or smth I've seen already

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Is there a Mastodon client for Android that is like Fenix 2 for Twitter? I'm currently using Tusky - it is okay, but it lacks the UI customization, that Fenix offers

Next time I have a question about NixOS, I'm gonna ask @robocadey

Ok, so replies to my birdsite bridge do not get crossposted, which is a little disappointing, but also kinda what i expected

If someone here needs a Twitter to Mastodon bridge, my BirdsiteLIVE instance on is currently at about 50% capacity with two people using it. So if you don't want to follow an excessive number of accounts or most of them are already bridged there anyway, I can give you access

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