first we leased time on the computer at the computer company, then they sold us computers, then they sold us so many that we had companies come into existence to take them back and run them for us as managed hosting and then we took them back as colocation and then we gave them back as cloud servers and someday we will take them back again and then we will give them back because ultimately it comes down to one simple fact: no one wants to run computers more than they have to.

@djsundog I have… 4 general-purpose and 3 specialized computers just in this room, and it's not the server closet or TV room.

I only let other people host my servers because my garbage ISP won't let me do it myself!


@mdhughes @djsundog I have 5 general-purpose and 4 specialized computers in this room (which admittedly is also the "server" room and the TV room), and I hate having to deal with all the shit they throw at me. Upgrades, hardware failures, new security demands, external interface changes and whatnot.

I don't trust other people with my data, and I like the features computers give me, but the OP is right: I don't want to run computers more than I have to.

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