Every time you advocate OpenBSD, a developer proactively removes an obsolete line of code from the next release. Just kidding, they do that anyway.

There's a new "experimental feature" being tested in Firefox 83: sponsored sites in the URL bar.

"Mozilla works with advertising partners to place sponsored tiles on the Firefox home page (or New Tab) that would be useful to Firefox users. Mozilla is paid when users click on sponsored tiles."


You can disable this by setting `browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.showSponsoredTopSites` to `false`.

Found via old.reddit.com/r/firefox/comme


That’s a cool way to make a multi-page website in a single HTML file.


England defence today truly impeccable 👌🏻 🏉

Attempting to write a crawler/scraper/indexer/search engine in Go and let me tell you it is a FUCKING CHORE

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Just had a scam email where the notes "scam victim using santander if in madrid" had been left in...

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Sad times. The wallet that I have had for many years, and has travelled across continents with me, got put in a 90 degree wash and has shri[...]

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Seriously considering a switch to zsh after what feels like a lifetime of ksh (interactive only, scripts should be done in sh of course)

src: ols.wtf/t/2020-11-15_12:00:39.

Nixers book club, starting with "The UNIX Programming Environment" (only the first couple of chapters mind)

What a fantastic idea! 💡📚

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@sir Medium, where posts aren't rare but they also are not well done.

First gemlog entry done; also published to gopher phlog. Thankfully I put it on the web too otherwise I'd feel invisible: gemini://ols.wtf/gemlog/my-top-10-commands.gmi

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I'm writing a post now that will go over the limit of Twitter, but I am hopefully doing something pretty sneaky by truncating it by *just* ...

src: ols.wtf/t/2020-11-13_16:19:48.

I just can't leave this thing alone, this post has come from a command line client that I'm writing in POSIX shell to handle everything (instead of random other bits and bobs)

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We think were the smartest generation. But 50 years ago, car manuals explained how to adjust valves. Now they explain why you shouldn't drink the contents of the battery.

Done a naughty thing in Gemini. Using the quote identifier > but suffixing it with i, !, or ? allows me to style those differently when viewed on the web. Doesn't seem to screw up Gemini clients though so it's all OK. Come at me

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TIL continuous integration means you have to continuously retry your builds until you stop getting rate limited by Docker Hub

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