I’m marrying an old woman 👵

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I’m marrying an engineer.

I hope so...

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Got my shortened @monzo@twitter.com username, so why not send me some money at monzo.me/ols to celebrate? 🤷‍♂️ 🎉

Huh, so @ellohype@twitter.com is still a thing

Big thanks to @millscj01@twitter.com for putting the shiny new @sheffieldDevops@twitter.com logo on the @DevOpsDaysLDN@twitter.com page. Beers on me🍻

9 to 5 ain’t the same in the wild

Siri has a way to go. No chance my mum is going to appreciate a half 7 wakeup call on a Sunday

I’m round the back of Electric Works to let you all in for @sheffieldDevops@twitter.com 💂‍♀️

I’ll give yours a miss then

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The last text you sent is the title of your memoir

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“What I’m saying is the planet’s on fucking fire” - @BillNye@twitter.com

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Next project will be a v. simple api-forwarder to just forward on HTTP requests based on the URL, configured in a flat file. Done 1000 times already I’m sure but I want one and it’ll be a good learning experience

Enjoyed watching @_tmus@twitter.com talking about his learning experience at @GolangSheffield@twitter.com tonight

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We're proud to be hosting @sheffieldDevops@twitter.com for their Sheffield Digital Festival fringe event on Thursday 16th May, featuring cracking talks from some of our own. Tickets available here: eventbrite.co.uk/e/sheffield-d

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Is there an antithesis of imposter syndrome? Is it getting too comfortable where you are so you don’t try new things? Or is it being over-confident to your own detriment?

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I’m going give someone random who retweets this tweet $10,000 because it’s my birthday and I feel like being nice ☺️ (you have to be following me so I can dm you the code if you win)

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Is it acceptable to chew a clove of garlic before leaving the house? Asking for the guy sat next to me.

Stop! Unclench your jaw, relax your hands, lower your shoulders, breathe out. OK, carry on.

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