Can the world really be in such dire straits if there aren't any killer new angry ska tunes?

It helps to imagine one is living in a Thick of It episode

OH: only the cool soil of a 10ft grave would soothe this heartburn

Kids are awake, so conference swag has been fairly distributed between them 👌🏻

All this because Ed Miliband can't eat a fucking bacon sandwich in line with mainstream media expectations

She wants to move to California. She just have fucking lost her mind. 🎵

Small pile of TTRPGs has turned into a mountain, with more on the way... some sort of storage solution is required. Also require time to play them all. Favourite so far? ORC BORG.

Ooh Grafana Cloud 🤔 decent free offering but what I *really* want is a nice hosted Prometheus

People that sit in a circular booth by choice have never sat in a circular booth before

Always surreal seeing my old journo lecturer Dr. David Clarke talking UFOs and contemporary legends, an passion of mine yet to be discovered when I was his student.

Got a bag of Yorkshire Mix that was like 95% aniseed. Time to write to my MP about regulations I think.

I have pride in my city, but I wish I knew more about its history and heritage. Any recommended books from Sheffielders for an everything-you-need-to-know perspective?

When did Rich House Poor House go from 'rich family swaps with poor family' to 'I am rich man, I am your poor man salvation'?

Saw graffiti that said a critic is a legless man teaching running and like, nice sentiment but that's utter bullshit

Someone asked me if I had any plans for the fall. It took me a moment to realise they meant autumn rather than the impending collapse of civilisation

What happens to your domains after you die? I don't mean technically, I mean what measures have *you* personally put in place to keep the status quo when you're gone?

In less jovial news, the drains on my road look like they're overflowing already

Good thing about this rain, yorkshire water aren't going to be guilting me for having a shower every day

Oops, I should say! Mail is already elsewhere, srht hosts an irc bouncer. Can probably make use of free lambdas or cloud functions for random projects instead of hosting them

Can't be bothered running a server anymore. Might just pack it in and find some static hosting instead. Something like most likely.

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