Right, last bit on this today (assuming it works) is done; this should now contain a link to the individual thought rather than the timeline

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OK I have quite a bit to write up: thought timeline which pushes to fedi and twitter, an image uploader, plus blog posts from emails (all static sites built with the shell of course)

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Let's see if this makes it all the way to the socials... 🤞🏻

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I’m compèring this so if you want to see me make a tit out of myself on a live stream, make sure you’re tuned in 📺
*registrations skyrocket*

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⏳Less than 48 hours until we’re live with @andyburgin@twitter.com and @mattj_io@twitter.com! You don’t need a ticket but it helps us get an idea of how many people are attending. See you 6pm on Thursday 🧠📹⏯️ youtube.com/watch?v=DSMAWwY26I

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You’re all invited to my “close twitter acquaintances” G+ circle

I’m always thrown off my reading pace by Grandpa Pig’s apparently green-fingered chickens

Anyone else get number blindness in tech, the more and more they learn? Like:
> Why can’t I `nc localhost:6871` on this redis host?
> Because redis uses port 6379, that’s Plusnet’s ASN


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No Cheating 😃

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Happy to the Yanks, and happy to my parents as they celebrate their wedding anniversary

Been a while since I posted a desk picture; I’ve moved out of the attic (now it’s been turned into a bedroom) and am in the dedicated home office 👌🏻

Haircut booked for Tuesday morning thank gods 🙏

Working from an iPad is awesome (as long as I don’t have commit code or connect to any work services because I can’t connect it to the corporate network)
But today is a day of learning, so it’s working great!

All aboard that hype train for , catch me at ols@hey.com 💪 (because sharing your email address with the world is a great idea)

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and dads-in-waiting. Especially my dad, who continues to teach me things to this day. And also because he could definitely beat up your dad.

Neighbours are having a BBQ, 3 extra cars parked outside and two taxi drop offs. What do?

This is an absolutely fantastic idea!

The Emergency Website Kit | Max Böck mxb.dev/blog/emergency-website

4, then 3, then 2 and depending on whether a whole number is returned at any, break there and return the result? If it helps, it’s , but I’d rather find the language-agnostic way to do this:
Example, 15th Monday: 15/4 = not a whole number, 15/3 = 5 so return “3” (2/2)

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