“If your hypothesis is ‘if I kill this node, everything will go to shit’, maybe don’t run that experiment”
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“Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering = Chaos Engineering + YAML”

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Calling all history-makers. If you want to speak at/be involved with the *first ever* Chaotic North meetup then shout here, email meetup@chaoticnorth.com, or badger @heyitsols@twitter.com. Looking early March if the stars align, date to follow once confirmed ✨🦡🔥 pls RT

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All I want is a glass of wine. M&S had run out and @EastMidRailway@twitter.com doesn’t accept Monzo cards for some reason? Just want a glass of wine! 🍷

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A friend of mine, @rixx, build something similar but with street orientations a few years ago. So if you like such visualizations take a look at his project too: chaos.social/@rixx/10037477726

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What’s up YouTube? Doing a review of my hotel bathtub in Seattle.

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@AMartinCastro@twitter.com @jxxf@twitter.com Fixed it:

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Outstanding. Well done lads 👏

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24 hour run done! Total distance of 378km. Unbelievable efforts from @MHoy_physio@twitter.com @Lowndes_Matt@twitter.com and @Pulford_Adam@twitter.com Please show your support for our efforts and to Remember Ezra. gofundme.com/f/remember-ezra

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I did some sort of easy way into Kubernetes for some team mates; thought I would share it on the Internet too, just so that my work can be ripped apart and in turn make me a stronger person.

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Remember Ezra Run 24hrs update number 5. Legs have gone now. Running is not an option anymore so we’re reduced to a John Wayne walk! 7 hours left and we won’t stop. Please keep donating. gofundme.com/f/remember-ezra

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“The more they know the more they feed their algorithms that in turn categorize you into a box along with other people who you might have thought you had nothing in common.”

Part of a longer post by /u/thehatedone


“in ways that can be used against you in the court of law. Psychologists, marketers, campaigners and propagandists are willing to kill for every piece of data point about you.

“and even your psychological states by crafting messages, feeds, posts and news on your social media, they can manufacture a desired response from you that benefits their position (practice often used for political advantage), they can orchestrate your reactionary behavior—

“This is the only reason why privacy has any value. People possessing your private data can and do raise prices of products and services to squeeze more money out of you, they can manipulate your purchasing behavior, they can engineer your emotions—

“If somebody asks you the golden question ‘why privacy matters’ or why they should care that somebody tracks them, there is no reason but one. Invasion of privacy gives somebody in possession of the information about you a decision-making power over you.

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