Surreal memes rarely speak to me on a personal level, but this one is an exception

This product image for an LED strip light is an unintentional dank meme

Tired: I enjoy drinking alternatives to animal milk


You’re all invited to my “close twitter acquaintances” G+ circle

I’m always thrown off my reading pace by Grandpa Pig’s apparently green-fingered chickens

Been a while since I posted a desk picture; I’ve moved out of the attic (now it’s been turned into a bedroom) and am in the dedicated home office 👌🏻

Working from an iPad is awesome (as long as I don’t have commit code or connect to any work services because I can’t connect it to the corporate network)
But today is a day of learning, so it’s working great!

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and dads-in-waiting. Especially my dad, who continues to teach me things to this day. And also because he could definitely beat up your dad.

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