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You’re all invited to my “close twitter acquaintances” G+ circle

I’m always thrown off my reading pace by Grandpa Pig’s apparently green-fingered chickens


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No Cheating 😃

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Been a while since I posted a desk picture; I’ve moved out of the attic (now it’s been turned into a bedroom) and am in the dedicated home office 👌🏻

Working from an iPad is awesome (as long as I don’t have commit code or connect to any work services because I can’t connect it to the corporate network)
But today is a day of learning, so it’s working great!

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and dads-in-waiting. Especially my dad, who continues to teach me things to this day. And also because he could definitely beat up your dad.

My little girl looking cybersolarpunk af, especially with the pixelated face 😂

Finally reading Permanent Record from Snowden. Pirated EPUB of course.

Attempting to make my home screen distraction-free, theory being if I have to search for each app I want to use, then I won’t be aimlessly going through my apps wasting time. They’re all in a folder on the next screen, next step is to prune them, then the notification settings.

thanks @devopsundergrnd@twitter.com for the opportunity to speak, albeit from my dining room 🙃

when i have moments spare, i like to read through some of the braindumps from users of tilde.black. this one is from brool (whoever the hell that is)

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