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With all of this ⚽ tonight, we've just surpassed half a terabit of total traffic. Previous peak was 443G.

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I built a Welsh password generator this afternoon, and it's creating some wonderfully long passwords


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This is my absolute favourite wholesome meme template.

Guys, reach out to your friends if you’re having a tough one. πŸ’œ

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It’s funny because it’s actually httpd on OpenBSD anyway

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A few asked for these slides specifically from my talk yesterday. This is advice on what kind of incident data is useful to look at "Before" you run a chaos engineering experiment. Designing a chaos experiment is arguably the most useful part of Chaos Engineering.

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Three's network outage:
3G failing due to Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) rejecting connection. GGSN is a core router between NB (mast) and internet.
4G being rejected due to Serving Gateway/Packet Data Network, also core routers between eNB and wider world.

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Well there we go, unplanned outage and should be fixed in two hours!

Three AM has been and gone. Network is down, website is down, store is down Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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Next up tonight is @heyitsols@twitter.com with his tale of "You did what?!" telling us why sometimes building the wrong tool for the job is the right thing to do.

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TIL @SlackHQ@twitter.com supports the `/s/foo/bar/` syntax to edit the last message through what appears to be a weird hack in the `/search` command 🧐

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Here lies Oliver. He was just trying not to get indexed.

That’s the OPPOSITE of what I’m trying to do here, come on!

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Here lies Denver. He was a little too weird.

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Something obviously tickled me here...

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Time for lightning talks at !

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I have written a letter to Jared O'Mara, urging him to resign immediately.

Since I think it unlikely that he'll receive it at his office in the House of Commons, I am also posting it here and on my website.

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