OH: They not only have the wrong end of the stick, but are holding a carrot and asking why nobody else’s stick is orange.

@neauoire thanks, that wasn’t the one I was thinking of but it certainly covers all the points I was trying to find :)

@neauoire I’m struggling to find an article you wrote about the network and compute resource limitations you encounter at sea, and how you use that to your advantage in writing software, did I make it up?!

Kayleigh is booking loads of kids activities for when we come out of lockdown and I can see our bank balance 📉in real time

Surreal memes rarely speak to me on a personal level, but this one is an exception

Setting up your my IDE (AKA the shell) for some local web development:

% for i in index.html ; do touch $i ; open $i ; vim $i ; done

@nvi honest to god my preferred development stack at the moment is OpenBSD as OS, Go as the language, httpd as proxy, and YAML files as backend storage. You read that right.

You’ve heard of the LAMP stack, but have you heard of BCHS? BSD, C, httpd, SQLite. It’s like someone entered my brain to find the best combination of tech to make me drool


“Daddy tell me about your school. Were there wooden chairs and a teacher with a cane and a cage?”

This kid will be the death of me.

But if relayd now supports path stripping (which -current does so it’s promising) then I must upgrade because it will save me keeping creating yet another sub domain 😂

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OpenBSD 6.9 is out, suppose it’s time to upgrade from 6.7 😬 I’ve been holding off until I document/automate the plethora of shit that’s running on my host currently…

My 6-year-old just picked her first lock 🥰

I have Bristol De Mai and Ballyoptic, the wife has Acapella Bourgeois. My kids have chosen Lake View Lad and Ami Desbois. If Ami Desbois comes in then it's champagne for everyone!

Words that can end a marriage
> Do you want a tea babe?
> No thanks I’ve just made one

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