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see the thing about is that when you send your public ssh key in, you get ten randomly assigned accounts from the pool of 1000s that we’re generated all at the same time. it’s a project in privacy, anonymity, and security

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when i have moments spare, i like to read through some of the braindumps from users of this one is from brool (whoever the hell that is)

there are certain cars charles blows kisses to on our walks. one is a navy blue x-type, another is a lime green and black aygo. i think he needs a little more calibration.

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does anyone know of a flat-file (i.e. no db) gnusocial/fediverse compatible social network?

craving some chips from stoney’s

As an aside, I'm writing a post on job titles and how stupid they are. Looking for input from a wide variety of people, that means you

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Weird remote-working observation, I have had to change from my classic white on black terminal to a solarized-light variety, because of my eyes. It's so pleasant!

down to the last toilet roll before i have to open the penultimate 24-pack. lockdown is getting real yo

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Ich: "Schöner Hund."
Polizist: "Danke. Das ist ein Drogenspürhund."
Ich: "Scheinbar kein besonders guter."
Polizist: "Was ?"
Ich: "Was ?"

I always thought Arch was a meme, but it’s actually a real Linux distro, who knew?!

Going through photos of my trip to Hamburg in February, found the perfect new avatar

One-year-old has found the, admittedly poorly-placed, fuse box in our house. His new favourite game is “how long ‘til Daddy realises the boiler’s off”
10:00 is when my wife said the hot water was off, just found the flipped switch now. Have you been giving him lessons

So annoying that have closed phone lines and I can’t find where to cancel my subscription. Anyone know where I should be going? 😩

Now I want to change providers


Hi I have been having a series of problems with my wifi and have had no response from your customer service team via email. I will detail the problems here to see if I can get a response. Here’s a thread:


Saw a bloke making good use of his alloted exercise time by fishing at Rivelin Valley. Passed him both ways on my bike ride 🤷‍♂️ 🎣

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