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Rewrote my whois API endpoint in and deployed it as a Lambda behind API Gateway

Pet peeve, people referring to Kubernetes (or k8s) as "K8". Simply deal with this by using k7e in place of K8

I’ve worked in tech for the better part of a decade, but it’s taken me until now to get an XL Sports Direct mug. It’s never too late to start...

Attempting to make my home screen distraction-free, theory being if I have to search for each app I want to use, then I won’t be aimlessly going through my apps wasting time. They’re all in a folder on the next screen, next step is to prune them, then the notification settings.

Testing something. Nothing to see here 👀

Finally did my You Did What? talk somewhere that recorded it. Doesn't matter that it was over Zoom 🙈 Get it watched 👀

I said it was coming. Blog post about how I built a janky static site generator tied into to my phone so that I can write notes that get uploaded and indexed with ease

I was today years old when I learned that "ls -A" does the same as "ls -a" except it excludes . and .. from the output 😮

Had a random idea for generating a static site list of notes (i.e. mini blogs) using the Siri shortcut feature. Blog post with the inner-workings to come 😉

thanks for the opportunity to speak, albeit from my dining room 🙃

y’all ever get baking dread? my blood pressure rises once everything is in the oven and beyond my control

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baking again. shortbread this time. it’s annoying that the dough is so quick to make but has to chill for so long

contact methods in order of preference:

1. irc
2. mastodon
3. email
4. twitter
841. message tied around brick thrown through front window of house
842. linkedin


# sysupgrade # upgrade to next release
# syspatch # apply patches to base binaries
# pkg_add -u # upgrade installed packages
# reboot # erm, reboot

easy peasy

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A standout feature for sysadmins in #OpenBSD 6.7?

The additions to crontab(5)

1) Putting ~ in a time field picks a random time. You can also use it as a range 1~30 picks a random time between 1 and 30. You can use it for all fields.

2) Next up, the "-s" modifier before the command in the command field. Think "Single instance". It won't run another instance until the first one finishes. Huge. Think of all the synchronization goo we put in our scripts? Unnecessary now.

Scratch that, looks like doesn't actually have 6.7 yet so I'll just wait ☠️

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About to do my first OpenBSD sysupgrade, wish me luck!

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