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Disclaimer: I’m shit at actual programming. If I want to see if a certain Monday is 1-4 weeks after the first Monday in a list (e.g. aMonday to dMonday in a 4-week cycle), is there a better way than dividing the number of weeks by (1/2)

Finally something I could do in these weird interview scenarios 🎉


If you thought whiteboarding algorithms is bad enough, I've recently learnt that there are companies that ask you to whiteboard bash scripts for SRE roles. You can't make this stuff up.


Needed to write a quick something to take a file full of voucher codes, give each one a UUID, and upload it into Hashicorp Vault as a secret with the voucher code as the value. I’d normally hack it in bash, but had a desire to do it in Go. I think this makes me an SRE now

Thank you to for the mask, it’s perfect 👌🏻👩‍🚀🚀

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My little girl looking cybersolarpunk af, especially with the pixelated face 😂

Thank gods for single-user mode and ed 🥳

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I’ve screwed my doas config, and now can’t “doas sh” to fix it. Removed root account password previously so can’t su to root either.

I've started /thoughts which is for titbits even shorter than these. It's sort of a microblog clone.

Thoughts — Oliver Leaver-Smith

You can now see my latest toot as part of my whois endpoint, might be time soon to split it into different endpoints...?

$ curl -s | jq -r .Latest.Toot

Just watched the and rocket launch with my five-year-old girl! She wants to go into space 👩‍🚀 🚀 🌑 mission accomplished!

Finally reading Permanent Record from Snowden. Pirated EPUB of course.

Rewrote my whois API endpoint in and deployed it as a Lambda behind API Gateway

Pet peeve, people referring to Kubernetes (or k8s) as "K8". Simply deal with this by using k7e in place of K8

I’ve worked in tech for the better part of a decade, but it’s taken me until now to get an XL Sports Direct mug. It’s never too late to start...

Attempting to make my home screen distraction-free, theory being if I have to search for each app I want to use, then I won’t be aimlessly going through my apps wasting time. They’re all in a folder on the next screen, next step is to prune them, then the notification settings.

Testing something. Nothing to see here 👀

Finally did my You Did What? talk somewhere that recorded it. Doesn't matter that it was over Zoom 🙈 Get it watched 👀

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