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One question I got at LCA was what stories in popular culture we can point our chosen friends and family at. It's not enough to get them to watch these shows and movies. We need to be able to point at the real life news that have similar things happening so they realise it's not just Sci-fi. We need to have gentle empathic conversations with them. We can't argue or harrang them. I know you aren't hassling your chosen ones. But there will have been convos where they feel attacked.

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Esther Payne
Back in August 1996 @ietf
thought incredibly carefully about cryptography and the internet. Even back then governments were trying to interfere with the internet with weak cryptography. I love the RFC number.

Oh goody giggles back. Because phrenology always such a good idea for judging people 🙄
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if you are a journalist, I suggest talking to literally any trans people at all about this social network that scans your face and does phrenology before it will let you talk to women

Ah HA! FOUND IT. This is the recipe book that has the coffee fudge recipe. Stuff is getting bought on Friday!

We need devices we can buy that we can choose where the data goes. It would be nice to have Open hardware and FLOSS services as an alternative. But without more education about our connected world, there's not going to be the market, for selling devices at consumer prices.

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I remember when we worried that when we started to chip pets, people would be next. But you know, chips aren't needed really, we wear fitness trackers. Wearing a tracker isn't wrong, but we need to worry about where the data goes and just who can access it.

Any Scots language speakers out there? Scots Wikipedia needs you. It needs a bit of a clean up after one of the major maintainers turned out to not speak fluent Scots, like at all. @PolyglotMeetup remembering the Edinburgh Language even in February I know there are folk out there
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In response tae the hing, a'm gaun'ae host an event fur natives an fluent
speakers tae sort oot the airticl…

This is why it's important to push for FLOSS, open standards and push for more openness on how patient data is stored.

Medical Data Leaked on GitHub Due to Developer Errors

Up to 200,000 patient records from Office 365 and Google G Suite exposed by hardcoded credentials and other improper access controls.

life imitating mythology with factory farming using facial recognition to track cows for things like when they feed in China. Io would not be happy with the very modern incarnation of Argos Panoptes.

Incidentally NLNet on behalf of @NGIZero has an open call for funding proposals The themes are: Search and Discovery, Privacy & Trust Enhancing Technology and Internet Hardening Fund. The deadline for this call is October 1st. Consider applying if you are a developer and you have a project that needs funding.

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Every little bit you can do raises us all, it doesn't have to be monetary, sometimes its just that encouragment of a cool chat so you know you are right to do what you love. Sometimes it's a chat to the right person to get those projects to funding. Then we can have examples of FLOSS that didn't need to cripple its product because of a notion that something needs to kept back from the commons because "they want to build a business with that secret ingredient code"

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So if you want a world where development can happen without having to make licensing decisions about what attracts investment (like Open core) then if you have some spare cash put it towards that developer who works on a project you love. Or look out for what grants they can get, if you have experience in that process offer your help.

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As I get older, I realise that with things like projects for communication and collaboration the code needs to be fully open, but we also need to ensure future generations have access to improvements in code that's developed. It's too important especially with what technology can be used for. Code needs to be available to everyone not just for development but to be able to inspect what that code does. But in order for developers to code they still need to pay the mortgage, supporting families.

Ed-tech contributing to the frankly awful Panopticon parallels to prison. As usual @hypervisible details what's happening. Bad enough that student accommodation can often be prison like without the monitoring of students as if they are inmates. Bentham would be proud.
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Thinking about a thread...

I want this to be really clear as the Manic Street Preachers were. "if you tolerate this then your children will be next."

Huh it's Ferragosto. Have a great holiday today Italians in the Fediverse!

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And thanks to @FreePietje 🔗 for finding this.
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I think/fear we 'techies' overestimate the impact of the Snowden leaks, illustrated brilliantly and funny by John Oliver:

The apathy wrt Big Tech abuses is also worrying.

This doesn't mean I disagree with you.
The last 12 minutes with the 🍆 example to explain how the NSA can access 🍆📸 is slightly rude but a stroke of hilarious genius.

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Is there a story where the Oracle in cyberpunk is just someone physically plugged into all the data streams and makes predictions based on the data they can pull about the asker? I already know about the Oracle in the matrix, and perception and representation counts in this question. I mean actual visuals in a story about an oracle pulling your records and making predictions based on you the asker. I want the cyperpunk equivalent or the Oracle at Delphi.

You know when we are trying to convince our friends and families to leave platforms like Facebook it can be a bit of a sisyphean task. To be honest it is. If Facebook goes there will always be another platform like it. But that doesn't mean we can stop. It does mean we do what we can to try and support each other in this space. To build better community platforms that are decentralized. And yes I did just mention a Greek myth.

I should dig out my knitting out of storage. I used to do alot of knitting in the office when I was younger in-between builds and support calls.

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The MP thought he was being funny, but this is what I mean by institutional memory by class and education in Britain and former British Colonies with a majority of WASPs. All they way back to Elizabeathan times. They wanted to control their borders, stop Catholic Europe and get back the empire in France. Ever since they have been butt hurt.

Tory Brexiteer proposes ‘taking back Calais’ to deal with number of migrants crossing the English Channel

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