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This set of toots will list some of the presentations I have done speaking about#RFC1984 with mentions of Greek Mythology. In August 2020 I presented at Hope 2020. Myths covered were :Io and Argos; Heracles and the Hydra. I covered a little of the Panopticon, and why we need transparency.

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It's the battle for the good of commons versus individual freedom. This attitude covers everything including the debate over climate change.

Humans progress through cooperation. They learned to survive via cooperation. Dialogue on this has been with us since ancient times with Gilgamesh and Enkidu. With Enkidu representing a pastoral point of view.

Humans won't survive unless we look at the freedom of the commons rather than individual freedom.

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US politics 

Everyone has something to hide. The shy Tory (UK Conservative) /Republican voter demonstrates this. Secrets aren't always crimes but they can contain reputational damage. Which can make those secrets leverage. Thinking about this more I think that you can use this as an argument for privacy and encryption of data. People fear the consequences of judgement of people in their community. They don't want to feel uncomfortable and judged.

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One question I got at LCA was what stories in popular culture we can point our chosen friends and family at. It's not enough to get them to watch these shows and movies. We need to be able to point at the real life news that have similar things happening so they realise it's not just Sci-fi. We need to have gentle empathic conversations with them. We can't argue or harrang them. I know you aren't hassling your chosen ones. But there will have been convos where they feel attacked.

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Esther Payne
Back in August 1996 @ietf
thought incredibly carefully about cryptography and the internet. Even back then governments were trying to interfere with the internet with weak cryptography. I love the RFC number.

Everyone should have encryption. You can't have our modern world of commerce without it. Without encryption no citizen is safe from "the bad guys" state sanctioned or not.
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Are @Europol and ⁦@ManhattanDA *really* still pushing this bollocks?⁩

Congratulations to @aFranquinet @2020MediaCom @whois_search @dansgalaxy @cipnt and Susannah Clark for being elected to the @Nominet UKRAC board. Note they are @publicbenefituk candidates. Hopeful the start Nominet has made will continue.

Aw yeah this looks cool, a series about philosophy and the modern challenges of disinformation.
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Today, we start our summer series on disinformation and philosophy. Philosophers have, since the dawn of time, attempted to understand the concept of truth. Plato responded to the falsehoods of his days, but in time his logic facilitated new lies too. 👇

Mythology in popular culture is constantly recycled. Especially in the Greek/Roman Western world. Plus it does seem like well educated techbros love referring to mythological monsters for their surveillance products.

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All I ask is: when you get these messages from LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter etc, pause a moment. Chances those contacts are on there. But you allowing access confirms information on those contacts. It also appends you as a contact on their profile. It goes both ways.

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When you sign up to social media you don't just handover your information, you hand over who you are connected to. More targets. Applications use seemingly harmless ways to mine that data from you with "see who you know on here, let us have access to your address book"

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So nearly a decade on from Cambridge Analytica, Pegasus continues to demonstrate that our individual information is valuable, to us and also to outside parties. Our contacts we make with each other are valuable as future targets.

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Although consider the sheer hubris of using Pegasus to ride up to Mount Olympus. We are now seeing similar hubris in selling this product that has been targeting elected officials, human rights activists etc. There's no one Bellerophone to target here. 🤔

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🤔 I need to look up some Greek myths, what happened to Bellerophon again? I'm sure he was an upstanding hero in the modern sense. 📜 Oh more in the Greek sense. OK.

Thread with more information on NSO and Pegasus.
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Alright, let's add some substance to this Pegasus discussion. Contrary to what you might read, research into NSO has been going on for years and has involved a lot of great research groups (@citizenlab, @kaspersky, @Lookout, to name a few). It has also included leaks.

NOTE : It was DNS, it's always DNS. But given it took down alot of public facing websites my point stands. If these businesses care that much about it, they need to think about

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Akamai Summarizes Service Disruption (RESOLVED)

At 15:46 UTC today, a software configuration update triggered a bug in the DNS system, the system that directs browsers to websites. This caused a disruption impacting availability of some customer websites. (1/3)

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Yeah it's a start. But you will still need to run IPv4 as well, looking at the documentation in the link.
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Rubbing my eyes here:
"Configuring IPv6 for instances and instance templates" on Google Cloud (!)

So a surveillance system that enables a fishing trip for the police, deployed mainly in Black neighbourhoods 🤔. Stop using surveillance /AI systems to police your neighbourhoods. Invest in schemes with local activists to help those neighbourhoods.
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Maybe Detroit doesn't have enough data yet, but this is another surveillance tech used here.

"A Motherboard investigation found that ShotSpotter frequently generates fa…

Yeah give us time, the projects funded by @NGI4eu are working on it. But we also need the customers who use centralised tech to consider other options.
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Isn't it time for someone clever to invent a hybrid web where it is partially centralised and partially P2P to stop these types of outages?

"The last scenario, Atkin said, is also the most libertarian: the belief that adtech is pretty much the internet’s plumbing, and that a company should be neutral." We need a new Web, that doesn't rely on . needs to be
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fascinating use of "but" where "so" would fit better

It's important for our industry to contribute and help to lead innovation for sustainable computing. I'm very happy that @openuk_uk is taking these steps.
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Following our OpenUK Board Strategy Meeting today, sharing 👉*OpenUK's 1st Sustainability Policy* (internal and external) Thanks to @cparrino our Chief Sustainability Officer
Available to recycle …

Of course "great attention" could mean, "yes we should consider patient private data, but what we actually want to do is side step it, find some loopholes and hope the patients never find out until it's too late." 😒 . In the meantime we have data we can leverage/sell
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on GPDPR in the @NHSDigital board minutes for the May meeting: “NHSD understands that it has to deliver this effectively and with great attention…

If you are in England and haven't opted out you still can.
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@cuenta0212 @DoubleDownNews If you have concerns, you can still opt-out. Details on how to do that are here:

No has been extracted under the scheme as yet, and the upload deadline (which used to be 1 September 2021) has just been pushed back:…

A nostalgic piece of internet song and animation. You're welcome. 😏
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"Badgers" is now 18 years old and it still pops into my head regularly.

A very succinct point. The EU needs to rethink . Not just for states in the EU like Hungary and Poland. But the police forces. Breaking encryption means no-one is safe.
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The revelations that spyware was used by the likes of Hungary’s Victor Orbán to hack opponents' phones puts the EU in an awkward position.

Why? Because policymakers across the bloc are pushing for access to people’s encrypted m…

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