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Superstition, data collection, metadata 

With folklore, folks used to be cautious about what to do with hair and nail clippings. As those could give a witch or sorcerer power over you.

We have this now with our electronic clippings, we give our clippings to social networks and that gives a whole heap of power to them and to the buyers of that data who can then analyse it.

There's an analogy for you. 😏

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It's the battle for the good of commons versus individual freedom. This attitude covers everything including the debate over climate change.

Humans progress through cooperation. They learned to survive via cooperation. Dialogue on this has been with us since ancient times with Gilgamesh and Enkidu. With Enkidu representing a pastoral point of view.

Humans won't survive unless we look at the freedom of the commons rather than individual freedom.

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One question I got at LCA was what stories in popular culture we can point our chosen friends and family at. It's not enough to get them to watch these shows and movies. We need to be able to point at the real life news that have similar things happening so they realise it's not just Sci-fi. We need to have gentle empathic conversations with them. We can't argue or harrang them. I know you aren't hassling your chosen ones. But there will have been convos where they feel attacked.

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Esther Payne
Back in August 1996 @ietf
thought incredibly carefully about cryptography and the internet. Even back then governments were trying to interfere with the internet with weak cryptography. I love the RFC number.

Ooh... Someone was busy last night.

@librecast lcrq FEC (Raptor Q) library is moving. 🎉
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New upload: lcrq 0.0.1-2 by Vagrant Cascadian into unstable...

The head of British Transport Police, using the excuse of crime (won't someone think of the children, and vulnerable women) to track people through their travel card data, CCTV and drones. But no this isn't Orwellian at all. 😒
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@1Br0wn A non-paywall copy is here and it's even scarier than the headline. God help us. :(

Thread on why describing yourself to blind and visually impaired folks is important at events.
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So why should you describe yourself to blind & visually impaired audiences at an event?

Fundamentally it's about access to information.

It shouldn't be up to sighted people to decide what blind people 'deserve' to know about or have an interest in.

A thread 🧵

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Do you have a consolidated experience in coordination and proposal writing? Looking for a new professional adventure?

Join Martel in the 🚀 to advance leading ICT & projects!

Apply now as EC :

Thread about that ableist Atlantic pièce that wanted to mock Kamala Harris for using inclusive introductions including describing herself at a meeting with Disability Advocates. Now politics isn't the only spot where takes a back door. But shouldn't we do better?
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So, when we say that we exist in an ableist society, that ableism runs rampant through all our institutions, this is the kind of SHIT we're talk…

Ah more data to add to the via , thread and article about vehicle data.
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So you’re about to get in your car and go about your day.

Unbeknownst to you, your moves are being captured.

Here’s what happens next:

Thread about Meta's attitude to human rights. I think that companies that make their money by reducing their community to what they click is never going to have the capacity to see their user base as human. Perceived distance is needed, otherwise they couldn't work there.
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So not only has @meta published its first annual :


Thread on PimEyes and scraping of kids photos.
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NEW: There's been a lot written about how the facial recognition site PimEyes can help creeps stalk adults. Unfortunately it also scrapes photos of kids

Sensitive location data thread. This was for Planned Parenthood locations.
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NEW: We found another location data company with Planned Parenthood visitor data. Mobility data company INRIX's Location Analytics dashboard listed at least 71 clinics in 35 states. Planned Parenthood was listed as a "Chain" 🧵1/6

Boom! 🎉 New version of librecast into debian experimental.
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New upload: librecast 0.5.0-1 by Vagrant Cascadian into experimental...

There's always a bit of excitement when we get a new package created @librecast
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New package: lcrq Version: by Vagrant Cascadian ...

There's also a wider question about implementation, because codeberg isn't the only site that needs to implement some form of control mechanism in their sign up to stop them from being overwhelmed by bots signing up.

Our projects are small and often just 1 to a couple of folk. We all have our small fields of expertise and energy levels. How do we help each other to fix this?

How do we ensure that sites are for everyone? How easy are they to install and support?

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So back in 2020 Codeberg asked for help from the community to help them with issues. They need some help in house as the current solution helps them manage the spam that would overwhelm signups, but their moderation team is small. CAPTCHAs aren't very accessible and they would like some help to fix this. Can anyone help? The linked toot is their request for help.

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Boosting the linked toot. I hope @codeberg can implement an improvement to their signup process, because one of @librecast contributers has accessibility requirements and the CAPTCHA is getting in the way of signup. We're hoping for a solution for everyone, not just on a case by case basis.

Because I do like being on codeberg.

I call shenanigans! I fully expect there to be "diamond hands" lingo next.
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@alexbloor @cybergibbons @Crowdcube Ahh, in fact diving into their "Explainer", there *was* a previous pitch which cut off yesterday, so the reason the figures have dropped is that it's a new pitch - with less favourable terms, and on the same overall funding round.

Still damn weird.

I think if you add investment or spam to any twitter search you'll cut out the haikus.

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Well over a year later, clearly what3words haven't learned the lesson with some of their user base complaining about being spammed with Invest in what3words app messages.
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A month ago I moaned at @what3words after they spammed me.

Since then:

* issues with w3w business performance uncovered
* huge issues with w3w algorithm uncovered by @cybergibbons
*w3w lawyers threatened @AaronToponce
*story on BBC

Wonder if they fe…

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