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Everyone has something to hide. The shy Tory (UK Conservative) /Republican voter demonstrates this. Secrets aren't always crimes but they can contain reputational damage. Which can make those secrets leverage. Thinking about this more I think that you can use this as an argument for privacy and encryption of data. People fear the consequences of judgement of people in their community. They don't want to feel uncomfortable and judged.

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One question I got at LCA was what stories in popular culture we can point our chosen friends and family at. It's not enough to get them to watch these shows and movies. We need to be able to point at the real life news that have similar things happening so they realise it's not just Sci-fi. We need to have gentle empathic conversations with them. We can't argue or harrang them. I know you aren't hassling your chosen ones. But there will have been convos where they feel attacked.

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Esther Payne
Back in August 1996 @ietf
thought incredibly carefully about cryptography and the internet. Even back then governments were trying to interfere with the internet with weak cryptography. I love the RFC number.

Where vaccination schedules seem to think it needs to verify a person via their credit records. That's a heck of an intersection leading to the
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Seriously, WTF.

"...the tool the vaccine scheduling website is using verifies identities by using information that shows up in people’s Experian credit histories."

it's even worse than was reported. That's incredibly careless. So clearly the next time LEO asks for weakened encryption ask if they are competent enough to keep that data.
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Police chief admits that 400,000 records were deleted from police computer not 150,000 as reported by Times yesterday, including those for some people convicted of serious offences

Of course this time it was accidental rather than deliberate as for the Windrush cards, but still.

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This is one reason why I don't support Government attempts to weaken encryption. They tend to be careless with the data they already have. This is the second time after the deletion of the Windrush landing cards, HO has failed in care of records

fairly good breakdown on the complexities of what happened to parler and the huge monopoly problem we have when a few companies provide hosting. I'm worried about what comes next, hence the tag. I don't want this to be an excuse for LEO to try to weaken encryption.
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Tech companies made the right call to stop hosting Parler after it refused to combat calls to violence. Action was needed, even though it was late a…

And it has now been passed. Be afraid.
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Thread on past examples of public servants/enforcement committing crimes and getting away with it in service of the state. They are about to get more immunity now. You really don't want weakened encryption on your messages to make things easier on them.

Has blockchain been mentioned yet? This is where I need a bingo card.
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The drivers are data & gov desire for immunity certificates. Are AnyVision involved, does anyone know? Studying images of vaccine centres shows the surveillance infrastructure in Israel, but I have not yet found similar in UK @silkiecarlo

yes because it's always a great idea to share your citizens health data for science🤦‍♀️ What happens to the data after? Why do I get the sense it's just 🤷‍♀️. What about strong encryption? 🤷‍♀️. If you really must share that data, the process needs to be transparent.
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So, is sharing vaccinated patient data with - is this another case of state exchanging citizens’ data for access to a servi…

One final note, we also need to ensure that law makers don't use this attack on democracy as an excuse to push for weakened encryption and/or backdoors. Given the fact that planning on parler was pretty much in the open, no reason to give additional tools to infringe on Privacy.

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But let's consider other protests around the world and indeed in America too. When they are protesting against dictators, or climate or say White supremacy baked into a democracy that fails them. We should be concerned about the privacy implications. We need to educate folks.

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Now this isn't a sneaky hidden thing. Tech savvy folk know about GPS tracking and exif data. But the majority of insurrectionists didn't realise. It's about to be brought to bear as evidence. For this attack against democracy they deserve to have the book thrown at them.

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As right wingers seek alternatives to parler, here's a thread with links to Gizmodo and vices investigation into parler GPS data. Mapping how far parler users ended up in the Capitol. This is the example of the dangers of mass data collection that most folks don't get.
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Parler users breached deep inside the U.S. Capitol, as shown by GPS data pulled from videos archived by @donk_enby just before Amazon's takedown.

That's a decision by githubs HR that didn't age well. But I suppose when you choose to provide services to ICE it shouldn't be a surprise 🙄😞
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@justkelly_ok @_joaogui1

Thing is we all gave twitter and Facebook that power, it wasn't just VCs. We joined up to connect with other people without realising what it meant. We have centralised our discourse on a few platforms. This is why +federation is better. @joinmastodon
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Prior to Chancellor Merkel's warnings about the dangers of Silicon Valley censorship in the context of the Trump ban, Mexico's President AMLO issued a…

*steps slowly away from the keyboard before going into a rant about a Web pioneer trying to find relevance again while attempting make skads of cash but not even considering working with other initiatives *

LOL parler complaining about being denied service by AWS. It's like when the landlord of a pub tells you you are barred from the pub. You created a huge mess in democracy and your friends planned an insurrection to wreck the bar, and the neighbouring bar, and the other businesses in the area. Of course the landlord is going to bar you. If they are that concerned then they should have done their own tin.

Congratulations @popey and @m_wimpress!
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Announcing the OpenUK New Year's Honours list 2021. 100 Influencers across the UK are recognised on this year's list as recipients of our Honours, recognising their contribution to , & Full list

when I talk about how these networks initially grew this is what I'm talking about. This is also why I believe that networks like @joindiaspora and @joinmastodon are growing. People need connection but we don't have to give our data up for that.
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I was an early adopter of Facebook. I invited & persuaded lots of friends and family to join. I'm thoroughly ashamed of this fact. I've deleted my account …

Thread and blog post on the online harms paper. Fairly disturbing, not just for privacy reasons. As usual Government has it's own ideas, and hasn't really learned anything.
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New on my blog.

when the co-op uses facial recognition to track shoplifters 😒🤬🤬 its Southern Co-op for now but it's being trialled in others.

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